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Información de la tienda

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Juegos de la marca Huch & Friends

  • Hive (EN/DE/FR)

    Easy to learn and play, but with incredible game depth. Every game is different, because there is no game board, just high-quality playing pieces. The object is simple: encircle and trap the enemy queen bee by surrounding it with your playing pieces. But make sure that  your own queen bee isn’t trapped!

  • Hive Pocket (DE)

    The modern classic game Hive is finally also available as a convenient compact travel edition! The unique rules of movement for each playing piece make Hive Pocket a real challenge every time. Already includes the Ladybug and Mosquito expansions.

  • Rajas of the Ganges (EN/GR/FR)

    In 16th century India, the powerful empire of the Great Moguls rises between the Indus and the Ganges rivers. Taking on the role of rajas and ranis - the country´s influential nobles - players race against each other in support of the empire by developing their estates into wealthy and magnificent provinces.

  • Espresso Doppio (EN/NL/FR/DE/IT)

    You should not play with dishes? This is not always possible! At "ESPRESSO DOPPIO", that's what you really have to do. The three espresso cups, saucers and spoons in different colors are moved back and forth by two players.

  • The Pillbug Expansion - Hive (ES/EN/FR/GR)

    Hive: The Pillbug is a new pair of tiles that can be added to Hive. The pillbug moves like the queen bee—one space at a time—but it also has a special ability that it may use instead of moving. This ability allows the pillbug to move an adjacent unstacked piece (whether friendly or enemy) two spaces: up onto the pillbug itself, then down into another empty space adjacent to itself

  • The Ladybug Expansion - Hive (ES/EN/FR/GR)

    The Ladybug was first introduced to the iPhone version of Hive in 2010. The Ladybug moves three spaces; two on top of the Hive, then one down. It must move exactly two on top of the Hive and then move one down on its last move. 

  • The Mosquito Expansion - Hive (ES/EN/FR/GR)

    The Mosquito pieces can be added to a standard Hive set before the start of the game giving each player 12 pieces to play with.

  • Columbus' Egg (EN/NL/FR/DE)

    Columbus' Egg requires logical thinking! The eggs must be placed on the correct squares according to the laying rules.

  • Go Away, Monster! (ES/NL/IT/DE)

    To whom does this daily game not seem familiar? It's bedtime, but the children's room is still in chaos … First of all, all the toys have to be cleaned up before the children can go to bed. 

  • Pantolino (EN/NL/FR/DE)

    In this lovingly illustrated children's game, the players try to roll as many shoes of the same color as possible for their millipedes. The current player throw up to three die and put out as many color die or jokers as they want each time.

  • Witchstone (EN/FR/DE)

    As established representatives of your guild, you gather around an ancient sacred stone, the signifi cance and magical powers of which are known to adepts only.

  • Kamisado (ES/EN/GR/FR/IT)

    Kamisado is a game of pure skill and strategy! There are no dice, cards or any other luck elements. It´s just you against your opponent! The aim in each round is to be the first to get your tower to the opposite side of the board.

  • Das kleine Gespenst (EN/NL/FR/DE)

    Before witching hour is over again, the little ghost wants to visit as many of his friends as possible. But that's not so easy, because first the right doors have to be opened! The players help the little ghost and try to find the right doors. 

  • Obra - Wooden Line Construction (Inglés)

    The 4-part wooden puzzle shows children an everyday scene on the street and invites them to discover things.

    Thanks to the big wooden knobs, the puzzle pieces can be picked up and put in the right place even by little children´s hands.

  • The Dice Charmers - Rajas of the Ganges...

    In the Roll & Write version of Rajas of the Ganges, players use 8 symbol dice to develop their province, gather goods and sell them at the market, win over influential personalities in the palace, and sail up and down the Ganges River. As in the original game, you win this race for wealth and fame if you are the first to have your fame marker and your money marker intersect on the two tracks running in opposite directions.

  • Goodie-Box 1 - Rajas of the Ganges (EN/DE)

    In The Great Mogul's Coffers, you will find diverse mini-expansions and modules that you can use to enrich and vary your basic Rajas of the Ganges game.

  • Goodie-Box 2 - Rajas of the Ganges (EN/DE/FR)

    In THE GREAT MOGUL'S COFFERS, you will find diverse mini-expansions that you can use to enrich the basic RAJAS OF THE GANGES game – among them, BLESSINGS OF KEDARNATH (previously published as a Bretterwisser postcard), the CATTLE expansion, ROADS OF THE MOGUL EMPIRE, the GANGA module 3 with new tiles and new rules for the river, plus further modules than can be used to vary the basic game.

  • TA-KE (Multi-idioma)

    Japan in the late Middle ages. Acting as shoguns, players in TA‐KE try to consolidate their power and expand their influence in the empire. To this end, you select people that you appoint to the emperor's court. But is the person chosen well and are his skills currently useful to the shogun? Only if you use clever tactics, plan ahead, and keep a close eye on your opponent can you assert your position at court and thus win the game.

  • Forum Trajanum (Multi-idioma)

    Emperor Trajan plans to have a monument built for eternity: the Forum Trajanum. It is supposed to become the biggest and most glorious Emperor's forum that the Roman world has ever seen — not only in order to demonstrate his success as Princeps Optimus in an imposing manner, but also to foster the well-being and the fame of the honorable citizens of Rome.

  • Tornado Ellie (Multi-idioma)

    Sometimes, even the biggest cows fly up high — but not always by choice.

    In the card and stacking game Tornado Ellie, players try to keep their hoofs on the ground on their own farm, while they steer on the other players. The best player to make the neighbors' things soar into the air will experience a gust of win...

  • Invisible Ink (Multi-idioma)

    In the party game Invisible Ink, one player assumes the role of the double agent who must wear special tinted glasses, roll the dice, and throw down the marker. So far everything seems simple, but the difficulty is that the double agent can not really figure out what is being drawn through the tinted lenses of his glasses..

    Draw without looking!

    Guess without seeing!!

  • Chicken Wings: Glow in the Dark...

    The chickens are becoming more and more inventive and are now ready to attempt to break out at night since they now glow in the dark.

    Chicken Wings: Glow in the Dark is a new version of Chicken Wings that includes new tiles for more fun.

  • Arqueras de Nand

    El Valle de Nand está siendo invadido por hordas de orcos salvajes. Los guerrerros pierden la batalla cuerpo a cuerpo, solo queda una esperanza... las arqueras de Nand. Defiende el valle a golpe de espada y avisa a las arqueras ocultas en las montañas utilizando SQL, el lenguaje para consultar las bases de datos. ¡El futuro del Valle de Nand depende de ti!

  • Babushka (Multi-idioma)

    Babushka es un desafiante juego de lógica para 1 jugador a partir de los 6 años. Tendrás que mover las 3 Matryoshka de madera para conseguir colocarlas una dentro de otra en un mismo punto del tablero.

    Supera los retos y reune a la abuela con sus nietas.

  • Beppo der Bock (Multi-idioma)

    Each player controls a wooden figure and tries to reach the last space of the track. However, the buck Beppo, represented by a wooden piece as well, is resting in the fields and should not be disturbed...

    On his turn, a player places Beppo on a powerful magnet, then sends a small metallic ball in its direction. If he meets them, Beppo will kick the players' figures away (sending them back to the start of the track), and the place where he arrives on the board determines how far the active player moves his pawn.

  • Mini Puzzle Fabio

    Este adorable puzzle de madera natural de 4 piezas se llama Fabio y está esperando a ser armado por unos pequeños dedos.

    Las encantadoras ilustraciones muestran donde vive Fabio la ranita.

    Los niños a partir de 1 año pueden sujetar bien las piezas de este puzzle y colocarlas en su lugar correcto en marco de madera, así entrenarán su motricidad fina y descubren el mundo de la rana.

  • Mini Puzzle Muku

    Este adorable puzzle de madera natural de 4 piezas se llama Muku y está esperando a ser armado por unos pequeños dedos.

    Las encantadoras ilustraciones muestran donde vive Muku la vaquita.

    Los niños a partir de 1 año pueden sujetar bien las piezas de este puzzle y colocarlas en su lugar correcto en marco de madera, así entrenarán su motricidad fina y descubren el mundo de la vaca.

  • Mini Puzzle Flori

    Este puzzle de madera natural de 4 piezas se llama Flori y está esperando a ser armado por unos pequeños dedos.

    Los niños a partir de 1 año pueden sujetar bien las piezas de este puzzle y colocarlas en su lugar correcto en marco de madera, así entrenarán su motricidad fina y descubren el mundo de los bomberos.

  • Mini Puzzle Sissi

    Este adorable puzzle de madera natural de 4 piezas se llama Sissi y está esperando a ser armado por unos pequeños dedos.

    Las encantadoras ilustraciones muestran donde vive Sissi la ovejita.

    Los niños a partir de 1 año pueden sujetar bien las piezas de este puzzle y colocarlas en su lugar correcto en marco de madera, así entrenarán su motricidad fina y descubren el mundo de la oveja.

  • Mary (Multi-idioma)

    Mary, contains a wooden tray with three sets of ten squared tiles with different patterns:

    • 10 ladybugs, with each ladybug bearing a number of dots from 1 to 10
    • 10 puddles of paint, each of a different color
    • 10 pictures of different colors with simple shapes (umbrella, kite, worm...)

    The player needs to arrange these tiles in the tray with respect to colors and/or numbers.

  • Der Kleine Sprechdachs (Multi-idioma)

    Der kleine Sprechdachs is a children's game for ages 5+ from Reiner Knizia. Tiles with parts of a story about a little badger have to be memorized to build a coherent story when put together. The player that builds the best story wins. It's a game that teaches language skills and imagination.

  • Super Wash (Alemán)

    Superheld Hanno und seine Schwester, die Fantastische Fiona, sollen mal wieder die Welt retten. Doch vorher müssen die Superheldenklamotten noch gewaschen und natürlich auch getrocknet werden.

    Und das, bevor ihnen der böse Dr. Cloud einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht! Die Spieler schlüpfen abwechselnd in die Rolle der Superhelden und Dr. Cloud. Wem es gelingt, die meiste Wäsche aufzuhängen, gewinnt!

  • Seikatsu (Multi-idioma)

    In Seikatsu, players take turns placing tiles into a shared garden area, with each tile showing a colored flower and colored bird. Players score for groups of birds as they place them, but they score for rows of flowers only at the end of the game and only for the rows of flowers that exist from their perspective, i.e., that are viewable as lines from where they sit at the game board.

  • Torres (Multi-idioma)

    Torres is an abstract game of resource management and tactical pawn movement. Players are attempting to build up castles and position their knights to score the most points each turn. Players have a limited supply of knights and action cards that allow special actions to be taken. Efficient use of pieces and cards, along with a thoughtful awareness of future possibilities, is the heart of this game.

  • Mopsen (Alemán)

    The pugs are going crazy because another load of delicious bones has just arrived from the kitchen. None of the dogs can get enough and everybody wants to get the best pieces for himself. Therefore, each spoiled pug forges ahead in order to snatch the tasty food before the others do ... and then there is also a nasty cat lurking around to totally mess everything up!

  • Monster Diner (Alemán)

    Wo ist das Personal geblieben? In Monster Diner hat jeder Spieler als Restaurantmanager alle Hände voll zu tun, eine möglichst perfekte Belegschaft zusammenzustellen, während die Konkurrenz eifrig bemüht ist, ihm dabei in die Suppe zu

    spucken. Einen Pizzabäcker behält man immer gern bei sich; mit dem angetrunkenen Bartender hingegen soll sich doch lieber die Konkurrenz herumschlagen. Einstellen oder weiterschicken – diese Frage stellt sich bei jeder neu aufgedeckten

    Karte. Was dem einen schadet, erfreut einen Mitspieler – und umgekehrt. Apropos … wo kommt eigentlich auf einmal der Restaurantkritiker her?!

  • Jumpkins (Multi-idioma)

    Forres Jump and his gang of flightless insects want to reach the small island in the pond by using sophisticated jumping techniques. To this end, they decide to hold a contest: Who will make the best use of the different take-off positions for the Jumpkins cubes and, with skill and a bit of luck, stack up with as many of his fellow members of the species as possible in order to form the tallest tower on the island?

  • Humboldt's Great Voyage (Multi-idioma)

    In the 19th century, Alexander von Humboldt was considered the second Columbus. His first great discovery journey to and across America led him from the Amazon jungle all the way to the White House. The knowledge he gained not only opened up a new way of viewing nature and its relationships, but also made Humboldt the most famous man of his time besides Napoleon.

  • Funky Monkey (Multi-idioma)

    The Funky Monkeys are running through the forest. Everybody teases everybody else and all monkeys fool around, wild and loud. Just for mischief, they decide to take a test of courage: Who will be bold enough to aggravate the tiger by throwing a coconut right on his head? Find out and pass on face-down vine cards to one another. Who has the courage to reveal an opponent's card? Do you want to progress quickly in order to land exactly on the tiger? Or would you rather keep enough distance so that you won't end up in his claws? There's a lot going on in Funky Monkey... but don't get too boisterous!

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