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Información de la tienda

Información de la tienda

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Juegos de la marca Act In Games

  • Feelinks (Inglés)

    Feelinks is a game of emotions. 

    The goal is to share your perception of a proposed situation. However to win points, you must guess what your partner has chosen, then each new round, your partner will change. Feelinks is an excellent icebreaker and players will be surprised how easily they can share their feelings around the table. The game was created to be played with friends, family or at school, wherever emotions may be.

  • AYA (Inglés)

    You will embark on a journey up the river to seek out nature's treasures and marvel at the variety of landscapes and animals that emerge as you glide along.

    Be clever and cooperate for the best photos so that you can share your incredible journey! Welcome to the world of Aya, the goddess of water.

    In AYA, you have to cooperate to connect as many landscape tiles and animal photo tokens as possible to arrange a chain of dominoes placed upright one after another.

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