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  • Curious Cargo (Inglés)

    I stumbled upon a midnight market. It wasn't selling flowers or farm goods. It was a more curious sort of cargo: energy capacitors, strange crystalline material, and something green and jiggly. Since then, I've been dragged into it, deep into the thick of it.

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    The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade (Inglés)

    In The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade, the second game of Thomas Spitzer's historic coal trilogy, you are transported to the Ruhr region in the 18th century, at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Coal, after being discovered in Haspelknecht, is in high demand as cities and factories throughout the region are in need of this coveted resource. The Ruhr river presented a convenient route of transportation from the coal mines. However, the Ruhr was filled with obstacles and large dams, making it incredibly difficult to navigate. Trade coal for valuable upgrades and plan your route to victory along the Ruhr!

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    [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Modern Art

    Vender y comprar pinturas es un negocio muy lucrativo, al menos así nos lo ha hecho creer Hollywood y esa es la premisa del juego.

    Modern Art nos permite asumir el papel del dueño de una famosa galería de arte. El juego consiste en ganar el máximo beneficio posible subastando obras maestras creadas por diez grandes artistas tanto modernos como renacentistas.

  • Maria (Multi-idioma)

    MARIA is a game based on the War of the Austrian Succession, where Austria was attacked by Prussia, France, Bavaria and Saxony, while only Great Britain, Hanover and the Netherlands (by forming the so-called Pragmatic Army) helped her.

  • Geek Out! The 00's Edition (Inglés)

    Get nostalgic about your favourite decade and outbid your opponents to prove who knows the most about all things Noughties!

  • Brass: Birmingham (Inglés)

    Brass: Birmingham is an economic strategy game sequel to Martin Wallace' 2007 masterpiece, Brass. Birmingham tells the story of competing entrepreneurs in Birmingham during the industrial revolution, between the years of 1770-1870.

  • Brass: Lancashire (Inglés)

    Brass: Lancashire — first published as Brass — is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution. You must develop, build, and establish your industries and network so that you can capitalize demand for iron, coal and cotton. The game is played over two halves: the canal phase and the rail phase.

  • Brass: Birmingham

    Brass: Birmingham recrea la historia de los emprendedores que compitieron en Birmingham y sus alrededores durante la Revolución Industrial de Inglaterra, entre los años 1770 y 1870. En esta reimplementación de la obra maestra original, Brass: Lancashire, expandirás tu imperio construyendo canales y líneas de ferrocarril, y construirás y desarrollarás varios tipos de industrias, como fábricas algodoneras, minas de carbón, talleres, cervecerías, fundiciones de hierro y alfarerías.

  • Hotel Deluxe

    Conviértete en un magnate de la construcción. Edifica hoteles y ofrece servicios a tus invitados, para que al final se vayan con los bolsillos vacíos.

  • Guild Master (Inglés)

    Trouble is on the rise. And for adventuring guilds this spells opportunity.

  • My first Rush Hour

    My First Rush Hour es un juego único de combinación creado especialmente para niños en edad preescolar.

  • Vendetta - Vampiro: La Mascarada

    Chicago. La joya de la corona norteamericana de la Camarilla. El astuto Príncipe Kevin Jackson ascendió al poder tras una espantosa guerra contra los hombres lobo y desde entonces ha gobernado la ciudad con mano de hierro. Los Vástagos de Chicago adoptan una fachada pacífica y se contentan con fingir que apoyan a su Príncipe, pero algunos están librando en secreto una guerra fría para derrocarlo...

  • Fafnir

    Una gallina mágica llamada "Fafnir" pone 2 joyas al día, pero a veces pone más. Los hermanos que han heredado a Fafnir han decidido que la persona que apueste más joyas podrá quedarse con las joyas recién puestas. El valor de las joyas fluctúa según la cantidad de joyas que tengan los jugadores, los cuales pueden deshacerse de ellas, apostándolos a propósito, para cambiar el rumbo de la partida. ¿Qué hermano logrará quedarse con la mayor cantidad de joyas o con las joyas de más valor?

  • Adventure Mart (Inglés)

    From dank dungeon entrances to magical market squares, Adventure Marts magically pop into existence wherever they are needed. Busier locations require more than one store, and each one needs a manager — that's where you come in!

  • Court of the Dead: Mourners Call (Inglés)

    A dark Underworld of strategy game featuring the Court of the Dead – the premier original property from acclaimed conceptual art and design studio, Sideshow.

  • Dune (Inglés)

    Imagine you can control the forces of a noble family, guild, or religious order on a barren planet which is the only source for the most valuable substance in the known universe.

  • Stockpile Edición Épica

    Stockpile es un trepidante juego económico de inversiones corporativas, tráfico de información privilegiada y manipulación del mercado. Cada jugador actúa como un inversor privado que tiene el objetivo de amasar el mayor beneficio posible.

  • Humboldt's Great Voyage (Multi-idioma)

    In the 19th century, Alexander von Humboldt was considered the second Columbus. His first great discovery journey to and across America led him from the Amazon jungle all the way to the White House. The knowledge he gained not only opened up a new way of viewing nature and its relationships, but also made Humboldt the most famous man of his time besides Napoleon.

  • Fiesta Mexicana (Multi-idioma)

    The Mexican party is about to start! Who will serve the most delicious dishes to his guests?

    In turn, players bid for the tiles. The special thing is that the numbers on the player boards determine the bids and the places you can put the food tiles. If you can't place any tile, you may rotate your player board 90 degrees, which gives you a new starting position with new numbers for bidding! Who will manage to fill his player board with as many point-potent food tiles as possible? If you are able to place your tiles properly through clever bidding and placement and even fulfill your task cards by the end, you'll have a good chance to win.

  • The Farmers - Keyflower (Multi-idioma)

    Keyflower: The Farmers is an expansion for the game Keyflower. In that game, each player develops his own unique village over four seasons by successfully bidding on a variety of village tiles (specialized buildings and boats), skills, resources, and workers ("keyples").

    In Keyflower: The Farmers, players develop the agricultural side of their economy by acquiring new farm buildings, growing wheat, and collecting and breeding farm animals (cows, pigs, and sheep). Animals are kept in the fields created by the layout of the roads, adding a new dimension and considerations to the base game. Points can now be scored through the acquisition and breeding of the animals, by harvesting wheat, and from the layout of the fields.

  • The Merchants - Keyflower (Multi-idioma)

    In Keyflower, each player develops her own unique village over four seasons by successfully bidding for village tiles that feature specialized buildings and boats, and by collecting skills, resources and workers ("keyples").

    In Keyflower: The Merchants, the second expansion for Keyflower, players continue to develop their village by building extensions and cabins, entering into lucrative contracts, and encountering new combinations of items on the incoming boats.

  • Keyflower (Multi-idioma)

    Keyflower is a game for two to six players played over four rounds. Each round represents a season: spring, summer, autumn, and finally winter. Each player starts the game with a "home" tile and an initial team of eight workers, each of which is colored red, yellow, or blue. Workers of matching colors are used by the players to bid for tiles to add to their villages. Matching workers may alternatively be used to generate resources, skills and additional workers, not only from the player's own tiles, but also from the tiles in the other players' villages and from the new tiles being auctioned.

  • High Society

    En High Society, los jugadores lucharán por los objetos de lujo, que en su mayoría son multiplicadores y bonificadores para nuestra puntuación final.

    Para esto, los jugadores irán pujando por los objetos de lujo que vayan saliendo a subastas durante las sucesivas rondas.

    Hasta aquí, un sencillo filler de subastas, pero Knizia le añade algunos giros muy interesantes.

  • Peluche Cerdicornio - Kill The Unicorns

    ¡Consigue ahora el adorable peluche del Cerdicornio del juego Kill the Unicorns!

    No corre tanto como los unicornios, pero es más redondito y coge más velocidad colina abajo.

    Medidas: 30x30x25cm.

  • Kill The Unicorns

    Kill the Unicorns es un juego de cartas con pujas a ciegas y colección de conjuntos. Cada persona toma el rol de uno de los pintorescos personajes del reino y tendrá como objetivo capturar tantos unicornios como le sea posible.

    Durante las cuatro rondas de caza, se usarán cartas de caza y de estratagema y las habilidades especiales de cada personaje para conseguir capturar a los unicornios que más convenga a cada uno.

  • Tammany Hall New Edition (Inglés)

    The critically lauded and gamer adored classic is back due to overwhelming demand! Tammany is a game of backstabbing, corruption, temporary alliances and taking power at all costs. This new edition contains updated artwork and shiny, new meeples.

  • Versailles 1919 (Inglés)

    Experience this piece of history as one of the four leaders with a national agenda that must be satisfied.

  • Space Empires 4X 3 Inch Box (Inglés)

    Space Empires 4X is a game in the finest tradition of 4X space games - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. This game is Rich in Theme. Carriers, fighters, mines, cloaking, dreadnoughts, merchant shipping, colonization, mining, terraforming, shipyards, black holes, warp points, non-player aliens, Doomsday Machines - everything an Epic Space Opera needs. Despite that, the rules are Incredibly Simple. Almost 20 years in the making, many elegant solutions have been developed to remove complexity and make the game intuitive.

  • Riesgo Extremo - Downforce

    Downforce es un juego de apuestas, carreras y cartas de 2 a 6 jugadores basado en Top Race, el premiado juego diseñado por el legendario Wolfgang Kramer. Los jugadores apostarán por los coches que creen que van a ganar la carrera. ¡El que consiga más dinero será el ganador!

    Esta expansión, Downforce: Riesgo Extremo añade nuevos circuitos y poderes para tus partidas de Downforce.

  • Slyville (Inglés)

    Medieval cities were home to very different types of people. Not only pious monks, humble scholars and trustworthy merchants, but also those mischievous, cunning and dishonest. In Slyville, a board game of bluff and deceit, you become one of the latter kind. As head of a guild operating in one of the world's major trade and cultural centers of the Middle Ages, you will be sending your trusted right-hand men to various districts of the city to find trade bargains, make deals, and provide the organization with more power and wealth — not always in a way that is completely legal, but for sure fun and entertaining!

  • Jester's Gambit - Slyville (Inglés)

    Jester’s Gambit, the first expansion for Slyville, introduces two new types of cards: Events and Hidden Agendas, to spice up the struggle of the guild leaders in the slyest of all medieval cities! In fact, medieval cities were home to very different types of people, not only pious monks, humble scholars, and trustworthy merchants, but also those who are mischievous, cunning, and dishonest.

  • Godspeed (Inglés)

    The Space Race was a lie.

    Look, it's not that the moon landing was faked. It happened. Neil hates the conspiracy theories. The lie is that we ever wanted to go to the moon. We needed a spectacle to show the people. To justify the massive budgets. The agencies.

  • Dune

    La Especia debe fluir, Dune, un juego de conquista, diplomacia y traición.

    Por tiempo limitado incluye tres miniaturas promocionales.

  • [Pre-Venta 06/2021] The Great Zimbabwe...

    The Great Zimbabwe is a game about building a trade based civilization in ancient Africa. It has been inspired by the old kingdoms surrounding the Great Zimbabwe, a world heritage site in Southern Africa. Far into the previous century, colonial governments denied that a civilization that produced such impressive monuments and beautiful artwork could have been African in origin. But of course, this civilization was African, and the country of Zimbabwe itself was proudly named after this impressive cultural heritage. 

  • Razzia!

    Cae la noche y los capos se reúnen para repartirse la ciudad, pero tienen el tiempo en su contra. Al amanecer, con la llegada del Sol.... ¡Ra impondrá justicia!

    Razzia! es la versión de cartas del clásico juego de tablero Ra de Reiner Knizia.

    Cada jugador representa al capo de una familia dentro de la Mafia. Durante tres rondas los jugadores subastarán cartas de botín para aumentar su patrimonio familia, saber cuándo y cuánto invertir será clave para convertirse en la familia más poderosa.

  • Struggle of Empires Edición Deluxe...

    Struggle of Empires Edición Deluxe (Edición KS)

    Este producto es la nueva edición Deluxe de Struggle of Empires.

    Incluye todos los extras del Kickstarter

    La edición del juego es en inglés, el mismo incluye el manual totalmente traducido al idioma español.

  • Bon Appetit! (Inglés)

    Bon Appetit!

    In Bon Appetit you will compete against other players to have the most exquisite meal of the evening.

    Each turn you will use gems to bid against other players on dishes, which the winner will place before them. Each dish you collect will earn you points at the end of the game. Many dishes also grant bidding discounts in future auctions. When all dishes have been auctioned off, the evening will come to a close, and the player with the most valuable dishes is the winner!

  • Twilight imperium: Rex


    Desde tiempo inmemorial, los Lazax gobernaron la galaxia y sus muchas razas. Pero con el tiempo, los cimientos de su imperio empezaron a resquebrajarse por el estancamiento económico y una creciente desconfianza.

  • Herrlof


    Escandinavia durante la era vikinga, desde aproximadamente el año 800 hasta el 1050 d.C., se caracteriza por poderosos magnates (o jefes) y reyes. El título de rey no se hereda, luchas por él. El magnate principal es reconocido por los demás como "el primero entre iguales". Cuatro magnates ahora luchan por Herrlof: la victoria y los elogios obtenidos en la guerra. ¿Quién se convertirá en el próximo rey vikingo?

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