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  • Mecánica: Movimiento punto a punto
  • Categoría: Basado en comic/libros
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    [Pre-Venta 13/05/2021] Maharajá

    Maharajá es un juego estratégico de control de áreas. Elige una gran deidad hindú entre cuatro disponibles, ponte las vestiduras de su sacerdote y viaja por el reino para construir altares y estatuas consagradas a ella. Planifica en secreto tu estrategia e intenta derrotar a tus oponentes con la ayuda de personajes y sus habilidades.

  • The Wind Gambit - Scythe (Inglés)

    Scythe: The Wind Gambit, an expansion for Scythe, adds two new modules: airships (7 huge miniatures and 16 ability tiles) and resolutions (8 tiles that change the end-game trigger), as well as Automa components for solo play.

  • Monedas $1 (x25) - Scythe

    Este producto incluye 25 monedas metálicas de $1 para el Scythe.

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    Excavation Earth (Inglés)

    In Excavation Earth, you lead a race of alien explorers on their quest to excavate human artefacts, curate the ultimate art collection, and most importantly, cash in big! A century from now, all that remains of humanity are the piles of garbage and detritus we left behind on a ruined Earth. Still - someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure! 

  • Homeworlds - Pyramid (Inglés)

    In the game of Homeworlds, you take on the role of a space-faring civilization that has become embroiled in an epic, galaxy-wide struggle between Good and Evil. Good civilizations try to work together to eradicate Evil, while Evil civilizations crave only senseless destruction. But which players are Good and which are Evil? That's the ultimate question in this game of strategy, psychology, and diplomacy.

  • Empires of the Earth: March of the Ants...

    Return to the meadow to build your colony in Empires of the Earth, the new expansion for March of the Ants

  • Ice Duo - Pyramid (Inglés)

    Ice Duo is a collection of two "pyramid" games: IceDice and Twin Win.

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures:...

    Taking on the role of one of their favorite "Heroes in a Half Shell" or their allies, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: City Fall players battle their way through scenario-driven campaigns focused on retelling the stories of the IDW comics or one of the many one-shot, quick play missions. Heroes have to battle it out against a team of villains played by either a villain player (in the 4vs1 mode) or an AI-controlled villain (in the co-operative mode). Depending on the game mode chosen, missions generally take between 30-120 minutes.

  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game...

    Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

  • La Guerre de 1870: La chute de Napoléon...

    Early August 1870. The Prussian Chancellor Bismarck has accomplished a diplomatic master stroke thanks to the Ems Dispatch: France has just declared war on Prussia. Prussia was able to gather all of the German states around it while Napoleon IIIs empire remains alone with no nation willing to support the perceived aggressor.

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    Rebel Raiders on the High Seas (Inglés)

    Rebel Raiders on the High Seas is a comparatively short and simple game of the naval conflict at sea and on the great rivers in the American Civil War. Easily playable in less than three hours, Rebel Raiders on the High Seas is a strategic contest between two players, one seeking to reunite the Union by force, the other to maintain its new independence in the face of the escalating industrial might and resolve of its northern brother. More of a representation than a detailed simulation of that conflict, the game is intensely engaging, highly interactive and moves along quickly, with players constantly responding and reacting to their opponent’s moves.

  • Won by the Sword (Inglés)

    The war raged across Germany from 1618 to 1630 with the Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor retaining the upperhand. Then the tide of war changed when King Gustav Adolf of Sweden, the "Lion of the North," revitalized the cause of the Protestant princes of Germany. Bankrolled by France, the Swedes pushed their advantage towards the Emperor's most valuable ally, Maximilian of Bavaria. Though Catholic, France sought to keep the power of the Habsburgs in check by financially supporting the Swedish King.

  • [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Venom - Pack de Héroe...

    Este pack de Héroe de 60 cartas incluye:

    • ¡Un mazo pregenerado completo para Venom!
    • ¡29 cartas nuevas que pueden añadirse al mazo de cualquier otro Héroe!
    • ¡Un conjunto de archienemigo protagonizado por el Simbionte Rabioso!
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    [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Orléans

    El multipremiado juego de bag-building, por fin en español de la mano de Arrakis Games, en una edición especial que incluye el 5º jugador.

    Orléans, Edad Media, tu deber es reunir a mercaderes, caballeros, monjes, etc. para obtener la supremacía a través del comercio, la construcción y la ciencia en la Francia medieval.

    En la ciudad de Orléans y en el área del Loira, puedes realizar viajes de negocios a otras ciudades para adquirir mercancías  y construir puestos comerciales.

  • [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Invasión - Orléans

    Orléans: Invasión, la primera gran expansión del galardonado juego «Orléans», contiene seis escenarios, nuevos edificios y nuevos  eventos. Los escenarios fueron diseñados por Reiner Stockhausen e Inka & Markus Brand.

  • [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Comercio e Intriga -...

    Orléans: Comercio e Intriga es la segunda gran expansión del galardonado juego Orléans.

    Esta expansión fomenta la competición entre los jugadores añadiendo 4 nuevos elementos de juego así como losetas de edificios adicionales para conseguir más variedad y diversión.

  • Spy Connection (Multi-idioma)

    In the world of international espionage effective ways of completing missions are just as important as improvisation and secured travel routes. In Spy Connection players travel Europe to fulfill their missions as quickly as possible. To fulfill mission cards, players have to build a route between all shown locations. While they are allowed to use their established network to fulfill future missions, their network is of limited size: eventually, to expand in one direction they will have to remove markers elsewhere, thus changing their network throughout the game to meet the current requirements. Whoever manages to fulfill 7 missions first, wins the game.

  • Maria (Multi-idioma)

    MARIA is a game based on the War of the Austrian Succession, where Austria was attacked by Prussia, France, Bavaria and Saxony, while only Great Britain, Hanover and the Netherlands (by forming the so-called Pragmatic Army) helped her.

  • [Pre-Venta 07/2021] Loki & Hela - Marvel...

    Adopted son of Odin and half-brother to Thor, Loki Laufeyson has long coveted the throne of Asgard. A master of sorcery and illusion, Loki has earned his title as the God of Mischief. Though Loki has often fought against his brother Thor and many of Earth’s greatest champions, he has at times joined forces with them as well—when it serves his own ends.

  • Los más buscados de la galaxia - Marvel...

    “He dispuesto mi colección para alojar la Gema... pero aún debería sobrarme espacio para vosotros.”

    —Taneleer Tivan, el Coleccionista

  • [Pre-Venta 14/05/2021] Scarlet Witch &...

    The mutant twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are powerful beings who have fought on both sides of the mutant divide, as founding members of the Brotherhood of Mutants as well as members of the Avengers and X-Men. The Scarlet Witch’s ability to manipulate reality through chaos magic makes her a potent force for change, able to cause unlikely and random events to occur.

  • [Pre-Venta 14/05/2021] Mr Sinister -...

    Once, Nathaniel Essex was a biologist in Victorian London. Realizing that an increasing number of human mutations signaled the beginning of a new evolution, Essex put aside morality in his pursuit of perfecting the human race. A long road of unethical experiments on unwilling subjects eventually led him to incredible discoveries and even greater personal power.

  • Wasp - Packs de Héroe - Marvel Champions

    Nadia van Dyne fue criada en el marco del programa soviético de lavado de cerebro conocido como la Sala Roja y pasó los primeros años de su vida recibiendo adiestramiento para convertirse en una letal asesina de élite. Después de escapar con la ayuda de una muestra de partículas Pym, Nadia emigró a los Estados Unidos, donde creó su propio traje de avispa y se unió a los Vengadores ¡para poner sus poderes al servicio de la lucha contra villanos de cualquier tipo y tamaño!

  • Scarlet Witch - Packs de Héroe - Marvel...

    Este pack de Héroe de 60 cartas incluye:

    ¡Un mazo pregenerado completo para la Scarlet Witch!

    ¡30 cartas nuevas que pueden añadirse al mazo de cualquier otro Héroe!

    ¡Un conjunto de archienemigo protagonizado por la taimada Luminosa!

  • X-Men: Insurrección Mutante

    ¡Lucha por el futuro!

    Llamando a todos los mutantes: ¡el profesor Xavier necesita vuestra ayuda!

    ¡Forma parte de la Patrulla-X en sus esfuerzos para proteger a la humanidad! X-Men: Insurrección mutante te invita a formar equipo con hasta otros cinco mutantes adicionales para salvar el mundo adoptando el papel de personajes emblemáticos como Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine y muchos más. ¡Elige entre 8 planes distintos y despega en el Pájaro Negro rumbo a misiones por todo el mundo en las que deberás abrirte camino combatiendo hasta llegar al enfrentamiento final!

  • Quicksilver - Packs de Héroe - Marvel...

    No hay nadie más rápido que Quicksilver y ya está preparado para entrar en tu lista de héroes. Al igual que todos los packs de Héroes de Marvel Champions, esta expansión incluye un mazo pregenerado de Héroe de 40 cartas, listo para jugar, con Quicksilver y el aspecto Protección, junto con un puñado de nuevas cartas para todos los demás aspectos del juego. Tanto si juegas como Quicksilver como si utilizas estas cartas para mejorar el mazo de otro Héroe, ¡no dejes que este pack de Héroe te pase de largo!

  • Ant-Man - Packs de Héroe - Marvel Champions

    Cuando su hija Cassie contrajo una grave enfermedad, Scott Lang retomó su pasada experiencia como ladrón y robó el traje de Ant-Man para conseguirle a su hija la ayuda que necesitaba. Ahora, Scott lleva el traje de Ant-Man a jornada completa y, ya sea creciendo hasta el tamaño de gigante o luchando codo con codo junto a sus ejércitos de hormigas, está siempre preparado para enfrentarse al villano de turno dondequiera que este aparezca.

  • [Pre-Venta 06/2021] Drax - Pack de Héroe -...

    Este pack de Héroe de 60 cartas incluye:

    • ¡Un mazo pregenerado completo para Drax!
    • ¡24 cartas nuevas que pueden añadirse al mazo de cualquier otro Héroe!
    • ¡Un conjunto de archienemigo protagonizado por Yotat El Destructor!
  • Rush MD

    Eres uno de los doctores que acaban de ser contratados en un nuevo y vanguardista hospital. Junto a tus colegas, tendréis que cooperar para admitir, diagnosticar y tratar a varios pacientes que necesitan vuestra ayuda.

  • [Pre-Venta 30/07/2021] Rocket and Groot -...

    The result of genetic experiments and cybernetic enhancements, the walking, talking, fighting creature known as Rocket is a force to be reckoned with. A gifted pilot, deadly marksman, and cunning explosives expert, Rocket fights with a zeal for unleashing carnage upon those who threaten his friends and fellow Guardians of the Galaxy. The strange plantlike being known only as Groot loves life and fights to protect it. Endowed with exceptional strength and the ability to regenerate damage at a prodigious rate, Groot has formed a friendship with Rocket like no other as they fight to defend the cosmos.

  • 2020 Legendary: New Mutants A Marvel Deck...

    Legendary® New Mutants A Marvel Deck Building Game Expansion brings The New Mutants into the game. This super-powered, ragtag gang of teenagers might be too young to be X-Men, but they are nonetheless a powerful force to be reckoned with. Recruit these determined youngsters as they explore their mutant abilities, while attempting to thwart the machinations of malevolent Masterminds like Belasco and his Demons of Limbo! This expansion is the 22nd for Legendary and adds 5 new heroes, 2 Masterminds and 2 Villain groups.

  • Legendary: Marvel Deadpool Small Box...

    Five new heroes! Four new schemes! Two new villain groups! Two new masterminds! One insanely fun expansion!

  • Legendary: Marvel Noir Small Box Expansion...

    Mystery, secrets, and betrayal. Legendary’s 12th expansion steps into a universe where superpowers are replaced by gritty stories. This 100 card small box expansion hosts Heroes, Schemes, and Villains in a way never before seen in the Legendary universe. This is Legendary: Noir.

  • Legendary: Paint The Town Red Expansion...

    Spider-Man and his allies make their long-awaited return to the Legendary Universe! Legendary: Paint The Town Red is a Small Box Expansion to the Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game.

  • Root: The Clockwork Expansion (Inglés)

    Root: The Clockwork Expansion allows players to square off against four fiendishly automated factions. Insert a faction to round out a low-player count game or team up for co-operative play! 

  • [Pre-Venta 11/06/2021] Gamora - Pack de...

    Este pack de Héroe de 60 cartas incluye:

    • ¡Un mazo pregenerado completo para Gamora!
    • ¡27 cartas nuevas que pueden añadirse al mazo de cualquier otro Héroe!
    • ¡Un conjunto de archienemigo protagonizado por Nébula!
  • Luke Cage & Iron Fist - Marvel Crisis...

    Jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, Harlem-born Carl Lucas agreed to undergo an experimental treatment designed to replicate the effects of the Super-Soldier serum that produced Captain America. As a result of the treatment, Carl’s skin became unbreakable, and his strength was amplified to superhuman levels. Now bulletproof and able to punch through four-inch-thick steel, Carl took on the name Luke Cage and became a hero dedicated to keeping his streets safe alongside his partner and friend Iron Fist.

  • [Pre-Venta 30/07/2021] Hulk - Marvel...

    Hulk allows you to add one new character to the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures game. ... The results of this extreme exposure caused the soft-spoken Banner to transform into a raging green-skinned monster known as the Hulk.

  • [Pre-Venta 30/07/2021] Venom Character -...

    When disgraced reporter Eddie Brock bonded with an unearthly symbiote, the pair came together to form the terrifying antihero Venom.

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