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  • Mecánica: Construcción de patrones
  • Categoría: Napoleónico
  • Categoría: Árabes
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    Nanty Narking (Inglés)

    This is a classic reborn! Martin Wallace's design, originally set in a different universe, has been now translated into the realities of the myths and legends of the Victorian London. The same London which stood as inspiration for so many stories. Unavailable for more than 3 years now, the game returns in a new, stunning PHALANX quality edition.

  • Victorian style metal coins - Nanty Narking

    A beautifully crafted set of 50 coins: 20 crowns and 30 shillings, based on the real Victorian era bullion coins. An exquisite and precious accessory and an exceptionally convincing add-on to make the game even more precious!

    A deluxe set of 50 Victorian era design metal coins (20 crowns [2,5 cm], 30 shillings [2 cm]), packed into a zip-lock.

  • [Pre-Venta 2T/2021] 111 Hormigas

    Las reglas de 111 Hormigas son muy sencillas: Intenta formar una secuencia ordenada de manera ascendente o descendente lo más rápido posible. Obtén todos los jokers posibles con las hormigas de colores, pero recuerda que el resto puede ser más rápido que tú en completar la secuencia. Quien sea el primero en obtener 60 puntos ganará la partida.

  • Ice Duo - Pyramid (Inglés)

    Ice Duo is a collection of two "pyramid" games: IceDice and Twin Win.

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    The Walking Arsenal: The Bloody Palace -...

    The Walking Arsenal adds new enemies such as the Hell Caina, Pyrobat, and Hellbat for Devil Hunters to slay. Players will be able to play as the popular Lady and take on the villainous Cavaliere Angelo. Devil May Cry: The Walking Arsenal includes two Devil Hunter models (Lady and Powered Up Lady), six Hell Caina models, four Pyrobat models, a Cavaliere Angelo model, over 120, and multiple tokens and markers. The expansion will retail.

  • Blue Cross White Ensign (Inglés)

    Blue Cross, White Ensign: The Imperial Russian Navy during the Age of Sail is the third volume in the Flying Colors series of games on naval combat. It focuses on the efforts of the Imperial Russian navy in its struggles against the navies of Sweden in the Baltic and Turkey in the Black and Mediterranean seas from 1770 to 1807.

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    Flying Colors Deluxe (Inglés)

    Flying Colors recreates naval actions during the height of the Age of Sail, from small engagements to full battles involving dozens of ships in each fleet. Play is fast, furious, and does not require the pre-plotted movement found in many other naval games. Instead, a simple initiative and command system allows players to activate and maneuver their fleets in a realistic manner, indicating how older commanders adhered to rules of engagement where more forward thinking commanders, like Nelson, could retain control of their fleets after the first broadsides began to be exchanged.

  • La Guerre de 1870: La chute de Napoléon...

    Early August 1870. The Prussian Chancellor Bismarck has accomplished a diplomatic master stroke thanks to the Ems Dispatch: France has just declared war on Prussia. Prussia was able to gather all of the German states around it while Napoleon IIIs empire remains alone with no nation willing to support the perceived aggressor.

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    Rebel Raiders on the High Seas (Inglés)

    Rebel Raiders on the High Seas is a comparatively short and simple game of the naval conflict at sea and on the great rivers in the American Civil War. Easily playable in less than three hours, Rebel Raiders on the High Seas is a strategic contest between two players, one seeking to reunite the Union by force, the other to maintain its new independence in the face of the escalating industrial might and resolve of its northern brother. More of a representation than a detailed simulation of that conflict, the game is intensely engaging, highly interactive and moves along quickly, with players constantly responding and reacting to their opponent’s moves.

  • Tourcoing 1794 (Inglés)

    La bataille de Tourcoing covers the battle fought on 28 et 29 floréal an II (17th and 18th may 1794) between a French army under the command of general Souham and an army of the Coalition under the command of the prince of Coburg.

  • Poo Poo Pets (Multi-idioma)

    Poo Poo Pets is all about speed: Each player has a number of tiles showing specific dice results in front of them. While all 3 to 5 players aged 8 and up play simultaneous, each player tries to roll the dice combination displayed in front of any of their opponents, using their own six dice. Once they succeed, they quickly press the squeaky toy poo to pause the game and take the corresponding tile from their opponent. If a player runs out of tiles in front of them, they drop out of the game. The last remaining player wins the game.

  • Remember Our Trip (Multi-idioma)

    Remember our trip refreshes the holiday memories when the trip you actually planned is cancelled.

  • Vitrales de Sintra - Azul

    Después de decorar el Palacio de Évora, el rey Manuel I de Portugal quiere encargar a los más grandes artesanos de vidrieras del mundo que adornen las ventanas del Palacio Real de Sintra. Como artesano del vidrio es una ocasión única en la vida para demostrar tus exquisitas habilidades al servicio del rey y del país. ¿Serás el mejor en la creación de los vitrales más hermosos de todo Portugal?

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    Dawn of Empire - The Spanish-American...

    Dawn of Empire is an uncomplicated game centered on the naval aspects of the Spanish-American War of 1898 in the Atlantic Ocean. The game depicts this conflict at a strategic level, with most operational and tactical details represented by fast and easy-to-play systems, rather than intricate mechanisms. The intent of the game is to provide a broad overview of the historical events while being fun to play.

  • [Pre-Venta 06/2021] Pabellón de Verano - Azul

    El rey Manuel I ha encargado a los maestros artesanos de Portugal la construcción y restauración de muchos edificios de gran belleza. Lamentablemente, el rey Manuel murió antes de que se iniciara su declaración de amor a la familia real, el Pabellón de Verano.

  • Brass: Lancashire (Inglés)

    Brass: Lancashire — first published as Brass — is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution. You must develop, build, and establish your industries and network so that you can capitalize demand for iron, coal and cotton. The game is played over two halves: the canal phase and the rail phase.

  • [Pre-Venta 06/2021] Beez

    ¡Prepárate para volar cual abeja!

    Los jugadores tendrán que optimizar sus planes de vuelo y recolectar néctar para su colmena. Pero ten cuidado con las otras abejas, porque competirás contra ellas por varios objetivos comunes y secretos. ¡El desafío de planear tu vuelo y almacenar el néctar hará que te zumbe el cerebro!

  • [Pre-Venta 20/05/2021] Colonias Cósmicas

    Miles de asteroides viajan a través del espacio, cada uno cargado de posibilidades. Puede que alguno se convierta en tu nuevo hogar, pero hará falta un equipo estelar para construir una colonia cósmica…

  • [Pre-Venta 27/05/2021] Trickerion:...

    Trickerion es un juego de estrategia competitivo, ambientado en un mundo ficticio inspirado en la vida y cultura urbana de finales del siglo XIX; y aderezado con una pizca de magia sobrenatural.

  • Zogen

    En Zogen, también conocido como ゾーゲン, los investigadores quieren deshacerse de sus cartas de microorganismos tan rápido como puedan, pero sólo pueden hacerlo observando el entorno actual del laboratorio y descubriendo la única cosa que cambia, para luego "registrarla" jugando su carta.

  • Deep Vents (Inglés)

    Along cracks in the ocean floor, plumes of black and white superheated water pump relentlessly into the depths. They provide precious heat to the near freezing abyssal waters of the deep as well as a bounty of minerals. Microscopic archaea and other extremophiles live off the heat and minerals to form the base of a unique food chain that hosts a variety of exotic deep sea creatures.

  • [Pre-Venta 27/08/2021] Jaipur - Nueva Edición

    En Jaipur, el objetivo es convertirse en el mercader personal del Maharajá consiguiendo más riquezas que tu oponente al final de cada ronda. Para ello, consigue e intercambia productos en el mercado y luego véndelos para obtener rupias. Si consigues hacer una venta grande (tres cartas o más), recibirás una ficha de Bonificación.

  • Cónclave

    Los Emisarios de los grandes señores del reino se dirigen a la reunión de hechiceros más importante de todos los tiempos. En el Cónclave se decidirá quien tendrá el control de las magias durante los años venideros. Los grandes señores se juegan su poder y el honor de sus casas si no consiguen la suficiente influencia sobre las Magias a través de alianzas entre las tres Hermandades. ¡Hermanos Hechiceros, afilad vuestras lenguas que el Cónclave está a punto de comenzar!

  • Welcome Hacia El Perfecto Hogar

    En Welcome los jugadores son arquitectos americanos en la década de los 50, durante pleno “Baby Boom” compitiendo para ver quién de ellos será el que ejecute mejor los proyectos de la Ciudad creando las parcelas más bonitas en las tres calles que se le han asignado, con sus lujosos parques y piscinas.

  • Takenoko Chibis Edition Geante Collector's...

    Your Chibis expansion is now in Collector's Edition. Well done gardener, you have splendidly performed your duties by taking care of the imperial panda. As a reward, the Chinese emperor hands you over a second animal's care and not just any one! You will need to try twice as hard to take care of the couple... and also their babies!

  • Sombras sobre Londres

    Sombras sobre Londres es un juego de suspenso e investigación, basado en los crímenes de Jack el Destripador.

  • Holi (Multi-idioma)

    Holi recrea el famoso festival de colores que se suele celebrar en primavera. En este juego, los jugadores tratan de elevarse e ir ascendiendo de tablero en tablero hasta llegar al cielo.

  • Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire (Inglés)

    Gather your people from the villages below and use their unique abilities to strategically place them where they can perform the greatest tasks for you. Climb the steps of the Sun Temple, reaping the rewards of your piety. Build structures that both nourish your people and provide you with benefits no other has at their disposal. Muster an army and conquer villages in the four realms of Tawantinsuyu. Prove yourself a worthy successor to Pachacuti and lead the Inca to glory!

  • TA-KE (Multi-idioma)

    Japan in the late Middle ages. Acting as shoguns, players in TA‐KE try to consolidate their power and expand their influence in the empire. To this end, you select people that you appoint to the emperor's court. But is the person chosen well and are his skills currently useful to the shogun? Only if you use clever tactics, plan ahead, and keep a close eye on your opponent can you assert your position at court and thus win the game.

  • Seikatsu (Multi-idioma)

    In Seikatsu, players take turns placing tiles into a shared garden area, with each tile showing a colored flower and colored bird. Players score for groups of birds as they place them, but they score for rows of flowers only at the end of the game and only for the rows of flowers that exist from their perspective, i.e., that are viewable as lines from where they sit at the game board.

  • Humboldt's Great Voyage (Multi-idioma)

    In the 19th century, Alexander von Humboldt was considered the second Columbus. His first great discovery journey to and across America led him from the Amazon jungle all the way to the White House. The knowledge he gained not only opened up a new way of viewing nature and its relationships, but also made Humboldt the most famous man of his time besides Napoleon.

  • Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace (Inglés)

    Style counts for everything in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace—a fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash board game for 1-4 players.

    Take control of an iconic Devil Hunter from the video game—Dante, Nero, Trish, or V—and build impressive attack combos as you face down waves of increasingly powerful monsters and demons.

  • Langland Domino (Inglés)

    The Animals from Langland meet again in Langland Domino, a classic game with the Langland twist: no numbers, but cute animals. In the game 2 to 4 players aged 4 an up try to get rid of all their animal tiles first. To do so, they have to continue or complete animals on the table. If they complete an animal, they get to lie another tile immediately. The special corner pieces not only have the ever-growing line of animals stay on the table, but also grant an extra turn. As soon as a player got rid of all tiles or cannot lay out any of their tiles anymore, the game ends and the player with the least tiles left, wins.

  • Zumos - On the Rocks Edition

    "Zumos - On the Rocks Edition" es un divertido juego familiar, de 2 a 6 participantes, en el que vencerás si consigues preparar los zumos más ricos con las frutas iguales.

  • La Isla de los Gatos

    Las leyendas de la ciudad siempre hablaron de una fabulosa isla poblada por una raza de sabios, fieros y juguetones gatos. ¡Recientemente, unos exploradores de Punta de Tempestad han revelado que esto es real! Pero estos gatos se encuentran amenazados por la proximidad de los ejércitos de Vesh Manoscura, quien no se detendrá hasta destruir la isla y el resto del mundo. Los árboles arderán y las viejas piedras se romperán, ¡pero aún hay una oportunidad para salvar a estas nobles criaturas!

  • La Isla de los Gatos: Paquete de Kickstarter

    El paquete de Kickstarter de La Isla de los Gatos contiene todo el material adicional incluido en la campaña de Kickstarter de La Isla de los Gatos en 2019.

  • A Ilha dos Gatos Recém-chegados (Portugués)

    Recém-chegados é uma expansão para A Ilha dos Gatos que acrescenta novo conteúdo e permite jogar com 1 ou 2 jogadores adicionais.

  • A Ilha Dos Gatos Kickstarter Pack (Portugués)

    O Kickstarter Pack de A Ilha dos Gatos contém todo o conteúdo adicional incluído na campanha Kickstarter de A Ilha dos Gatos em 2019

  • A Ilha Dos Gatos (Portugués)

    A ilha dos gatos é um jogo de tabuleiro competitivo de colocação de peças poligonais de gatos, e de seleção e descarte de cartas, para 1 a 4 jogadores. Permite jogar em modo solitário, assim como em família, sendo ao mesmo tempo um desafio para os jogadores mais experientes.

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