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Juegos de la marca Lock 'n Load Publishing, LLC

  • Stalin's Triumph: Nations at War (Inglés)

    Renegade Booster Pack: Fire & Chao

    Nations war: Stalin’s Triumph takes fans of the Nations at War system (White Star Rising and Operation Cobra) to World War II’s Eastern Front! In a clash of the giants, the Soviet Red Army defends the Motherland against its German invaders from such fearsome formations as the 2nd SS and 11th Panzer Division. Centered on the area of Kursk in 1943, Stalin’s Triumph contains 16 scenarios depicting the fighting in and around the northern and southern flanks of the battle.

  • Lock 'n Load Tactical: Heroes of the Nam...

    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Heroes of the Nam

    It’s time for another tour of duty. The award-winning Lock ’n Load Tactical Series. Heroes of the Nam. This squad-level game, with its fast-paced, intense impulse system, drops you right into the middle of furious jungle firefights and all-out, building-to-building assaults.

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    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Day of Heroes (Inglés)

    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Day of Heroes

    On the afternoon of October 3rd, 1993, a combined force of American Rangers and Delta Force operators dropped into an area of Mogadishu, Somalia, controlled by notorious clan warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid and his loyal militiamen. The Americans’ objective was to capture two of Aidid’s high-ranking lieutenants and get out, but the Aidid and his men had different plans. Two destroyed Black Hawks, 100 American casualties, and twenty-four hours later, the “one-hour” mission ended.