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Información de la tienda

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Juegos de la marca Steve Jackson Games

  • Bullet Dice (Inglés)

    Bullet Dice

    Unload on your opponents with Bullet Dice! Six custom, double-injected dice accurately resemble a bullet and cartridge, and can replace any standard six-sided dice. Bullet Dice are the ideal ammunition for a great game night!

  • Cthulhu D6 Dice Set (6)

    Cthulhu D6 Dice Set (6)

    Get your Cthulhu loving hands on this 4 pack of custom D6's! Each pack contains 2 green, and 2 black D6's with pearlized swirls, rounded edges, and a custom Cthulhu logo to replace the 1 die side. The dice measures in at a satisfying 19mm, making them larger than your standard D6's, at just the right size to roll a set.

  • Illuminati 2nd Edition (Inglés)

    Illuminati 2nd Edition

    They are all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. In Illuminati, two to six players increase their wealth and power to take over the world until only ONE reigns supreme.

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    Triplanetary (Inglés)


    Set in the 21st century, the map depicts the inner Solar system out to Jupiter. Scenarios involve racing, pirating, invasions, and a few others.

    Movement involves vector mechanics. Players plot courses using a grease pencil on the map and use fuel to accelerate a maximum of one each turn. Planets and moons are used to modify the trajectory.

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