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Información de la tienda

Información de la tienda

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C/ Santo Domingo de la Calzada 4
41018 Sevilla

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  • Campaign Compendium - Adeptus Titanicus...

    A 224-page luxurious hardback book compiling all the narrative expansions for Adeptus Titanicus

    Fight as one of the noble Knight Households, or create your own custom Titan Legions with bespoke rules and abilities

    Take part in epic campaigns across numerous worlds, and wreak destruction on a cataclysmic level

  • Traitor Legios: The Hours Heresy - Adeptus...

    Your guide to using Traitor battlegroups in Adeptus Titanicus

    Includes rules for 16 Titan Legions and 12 Knight Households

    Features Stratagems, allegiance rules, and more

  • Loyalist Legios: The Horus Heresy -...

    The galaxy is at war. On a countless worlds, the Emperor's loyal armies fight to defend His realm from those who would tear it asunder. Among the greatest of the Imperium's defenders are the loyalist Titan Legions. Each god-machine is worth a thousand warriors, armed with destructive weaponry and able to devastate entire armies – and utterly devoted to defeating the traitors who seek to burn the Imperium to the ground.

  • The Horus Heresy Rulebook - Adeptus...

    The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor’s glorious vision for Humanity is in ruins, His armies locked in brutal civil war. The greatest of these bitter combatants are the towering god-engines of the Adeptus Titanicus. Those Titan Legions that remain loyal to the Emperor of Mankind fight boldly to stem the tide of treachery, holding the line on countless worlds as the Warmaster’s forces advance inexorably on Terra. The Traitor Titan Orders march at the vanguard of the Warmaster’s hosts as they seek to bring the Imperium to its knees in the name of their twisted cause…

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