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  • Garum


    Al servicio del emperador, eres un maestro que gestiona las fábricas de producción de garum de Troia, en Lusitania, y Baelo Claudia, en la Baetica. En estas regiones existe el mejor pescado, sal y sol para producir la más valiosa salsa del imperio. Las poderosas familias de Roma pagan fortunas por un ánfora de este condimento.

  • Crystal Palace (Inglés)

    Crystal Palace

    In Crystal Palace, players take on the role of a nation at the time of the first World Fair in London (1851), trying to create a buzz with spectacular inventions and the support of famous and powerful people.

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol: Shuri and Okoye...

    Marvel Crisis Protocol: Shuri and Okoye

    Shuri – sister to T’Challa, the Black Panther – has proven herself a hero through her innate genius and fierce dedication to her people. With her spirited personality and intellectual prowess, Shuri has become the top innovator and inventor within the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda, and she puts her innovations to good use to defend her home and its people by whatever means necessary.

    One of Wakanda’s greatest warriors, Okoye proudly protects her country’s king and his family alongside the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s elite royal guard. As wise as she is deadly, Okoye stands as one of T’Challa’s most trusted allies and companions.

  • Thunderstone Quest: What Lies Beneath...

    An all new Quest for Thunderstone Quest specially designed to work with Barricades Mode! Also playable in Competitive Mode.

  • Combat Commander: Battle Pack 1-...

    Combat Commander: Battle Pack 1- Paratroopers

    Combat Commander: Battle Pack #1 – Paratroopers is the first of what will be many themed collections of scenarios for use with the Combat Commander: Europe series of games. The theme of this first Battle Pack is focused on the exploits of American, German and even Russian Airborne forces. CC–Paratroopers features eleven new scenarios printed on cardstock, as well as four new maps. Future Battle Packs will be similarly structured and may also include new counters or new cards – with themes such as “Stalingrad”, “Partisans” and “Desert Rats” to name just a few.

  • Blitz: A World in Conflict (Inglés)

    Blitz: A World in Conflict 

    Blitz! A World in Conflict is an army-level adaptation of the internationally award winning global World War II wargame World in Flames. Blitz! covers the entire globe on one large (approx 910mm x 560 mm/36"x22") map of the world with area-based movement covering every theater of the war (Europe, N Africa, Pacific, E. Asia, N Atlantic, etc.)

  • Big City: Urban Upgrade Expansion (Inglés)

    Big City: Urban Upgrade Expansion

    Expansion for the Jumbo edition (not compatible with the original edition)

  • The Way of the Bear (Inglés)

    The Way of the Bear 

    Long long time ago, before age of human, there were four bear clans who help the king to reign over Northeast Asia. The time has come for the king to decide who will be the heir to the throne. The clans send their princes to the world to acquire all the qualifications to be the next king. They travel from town to town and build sacred bear statues; they inherit knowledge of religion, education, military, and commerce in return. The new journey is about to begin. Who will succeed to the throne?

  • Living Planet (Inglés)

    Living Planet

    In Living Planet, each player represents one major Galactic Corporation exploiting the distant planet MYC.14.250. Each one of them is eager to industrialize the planet and generate as much profit as possible before the planet self-destructs.

  • Quartermaster General: WW2 - 2nd Edition...

    Quartermaster General: WW2 - 2nd Edition

    Quartermaster General is a fast-paced game that puts you in command of the major powers of the Second World War. In the game, supply is crucial to keep your armies and navies fighting; destroy your enemies' supply lines and their forces will surrender!

  • Counterfeiters: Action Improvements (Inglés)

    Counterfeiters: Action Improvements

    This item contains 10 Action Improvement Cards (5 sets of 2 cards) to be used with Counterfeiters. This was a Stretch Goal in our Kickstarter Campaign, and is now made available separately.

  • Orléans Stories (Inglés)

    Orléans Stories (Inglés)

    Orléans Stories is based on the bag-building mechanism known from Orléans, with this mechanisms having been further developed into a storytelling experience in which players go through different eras and face different challenges.

  • Lightning: D-Day (Inglés)

    Lightning: D-Day

    This two-player card game recreates the drama of the day Allied soldiers went ashore in occupied France, 6 June 1944. Each of the historic landing beaches - Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha and Utah - is represented by its own card, as are the defending German divisions and attacking Allied units. The Allied player must marshal his resources to gain and secure control of every beach by day's end: one run-through of the 110-card deck.

  • Raiatea: Additional Rituals (Inglés)

    Raiatea: Additional Rituals

    This promo pack adds 10 new Ritual Cards to Raiatea. These cards are shuffled into their respective draw piles (either Normal or Forbidden).

  • Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game...

    Embers of Memory: A Throne of Glass Game

    Aelin Galathynius has given up her freedom for the sake of her people. Held captive by the Queen of the Fae and tortured for information, her only companions are a silent prisoner and her own mind. The image of her mother, her lover, her friends. The embers of her memory, and a voice, deep inside...

    "You will not yield."

  • Machi Koro Legacy (Inglés)

    Machi Koro Legacy

    So, you think you know Machi Koro?

    It is indeed a whimsical land of amusement parks and cheese factories, but it's about to get truly of this world.  Welcome to Machi Koro Legacy, the game where your beloved Machi Koro changes and expands right before your very eyes!

  • Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah

    Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah

    Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah contains eight battle games with multiple scenarios. They range from division level contests on half sized maps to two map battles between armies. Experienced players will be able to play many of the scenarios in one sitting. The rules compare the development of the cavalry, and the changes in infantry and artillery organization and tactics in 1862 and 1864

  • Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period (Inglés)

    Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period (Inglés)

    Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period is a modular expansion which introduces several new options to enrich and expand the game experience. Asymmetrical player powers give each player a unique benefit. A prestigious fourth temple allows unlocking of permanent powerful abilities, while being much more difficult to advance on.

  • Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter (Inglés)

    Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter

    Something in the multiverse has shattered, and now the universe is bleeding. Throughout Mega-City One there are reports of invaders wreaking havoc: Celtic barbarians in Ezquerra Block. Russian nobles in Apetown. And rumors of fragments of other universes scattered across the city, waiting to be claimed.

  • Shadowrun Sprawl Ops: 5 To 6 Player Exp....

    Shadowrun Sprawl Ops: 5 To 6 Player Exp. 

    5-6 player expansion for the Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops base game.

    Contents: Rulesheet, 6 Starting Shadowrunner cards, 11 Shadowrunner cards, 10 Gear cards, 15 Upgrade cards, 10 Mission cards, 2 Runner boards, 8 pawns for two unique runner teams.

  • Arena: For The Gods! (Inglés)

    Arena: For The Gods!

    Welcome to the Arena of the all-powerful, where only the greatest mythological heroes fight to please the Gods. With Arena, dive into a universe in which heroes from 6 different mythos fight together for the entertainment of their Gods. Handpicked by a divine hand for a battle to the death, you're assuming the role of a powerful fighter

  • Eminent Domain: Oblivion (Inglés)

    Eminent Domain: Oblivion

    Your empire has grown vast and powerful, reaching beyond every edge of the galaxy. Now you must ensure the ties that bind your planets do not falter.

    Assert your dominance in the political arena. Use your clout to advance your agendas. As your borders expand farther and farther, do not let the core of your empire fall into oblivion!

  • Legendary: Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary...

    Legendary: Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Deck Building Card Game

    Welcome to Legendary, the Marvel Deck-Building Game! Evil Masterminds like Loki and Red Skull lead a horde of powerful Super Villains, planning dark Schemes to destroy the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Only you can stop them, leading awesome Marvel Super Heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor!

  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game -...

    Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Fear Itself

    With the Legendary Villains: Fear Itself expansion for Legendary and Legendary: Villains, you can play through the "Fear Itself" storyline from Marvel Comics. This expansion consists of six new allies from The Worthy: Kuurth, Nul, Skirn, Nerkkod, Greithoth and Skadi; one new adversary group; one new commander; and three new plots.

  • Shadowrun Sprawl Ops (Inglés)

    Shadowrun Sprawl Ops

    Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players that can be played in 60 to 90 minutes. In this cyber-punk worker-placement game, each player controls a team of Shadow Runners that they can send on missions, loan to other players (for a fee, of course), and upgrade with new tech and equipment. Missions are resolved by rolling combinations of custom dice. 

  • Gandhi: The Decolonization of British...

    Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917–1947

    Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917–1947 is Volume IX in GMT’s acclaimed COIN Series. Exploring one of the world’s most prominent experiments with nonviolent resistance, Gandhi takes us to the subcontinent of India, the jewel in the crown of the British Empire, for a detailed look at the final decades of the British Raj. 1 to 4 players compete to determine the future of India; will the transition to home rule be a peaceful one, will India be split apart by partition or civil war, or will it remain firmly in the grip of empire?

  • Peloponnes Box (Inglés)

    Peloponnes Box

    The Peloponnes Box contains all previously published expansions for Peloponnes along with the brand new "Victoria" expansion. The components in the Peloponnes Box allow up to three more players to join the game, meaning that you can play Peloponnes with up to eight players.

  • Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls (Inglés)

    Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls

    Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls is a hidden identity game in which players take on the roles of their favorite characters, including Captain Marvel herself, to defend Earth in an intergalactic war against shape-shifting Skrulls in disguise. Players must decide whom to trust, defend their alliance, and restore the planet's virtue.

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Inglés)

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    Set during the events of the cult-classic book, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell sees players delve into the world of English magic, developing their talents and expanding their social reach as they aim to become the most celebrated magician of the age.

  • Marvel Legendary: Spider-Man Homecoming...

    Marvel Legendary: Spider-Man Homecoming Small Box Expansion

    • Expansion consists of 100 all new playable cards, Color Rule sheet. 
    • First expansion to feature movie imagery and characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!
    • This is not a stand-alone product, Core set is required for gameplay.
    • Special Promo Card in each box (first print run only).

    Play through the Spider-Man Homecoming storyline within Legendary! 

  • Mage Wars Academy - Monk (Inglés)

    Mage Wars Academy - Monk

    Mage Wars Academy is a fast-paced strategy card game of magical combat! In this expansion set, play as a disciplined Monk mastering your body and mind through the martial arts!

  • The Cook's Guild: Hell's Kitchen (Inglés)

    The Cook's Guild: Hell's Kitchen

    There is a delay to the fulfilment of the Cooks Guild in the UK, EU and RoW. It is likely the Cooks Guild will now fulfil to the UK, EU and RoW toward the end of March. We will update here once a date is known. More information is available here.

  • Battle Ravens Welsh Army Pack (Inglés)

    Battle Ravens Welsh Army Pack

    Battle Ravens army packs offer players three new armies to command in battle: choose from the Normans, the Welsh, or the Scots.

  • Battle Ravens Scottish Army Pack (Inglés)

    Battle Ravens Scottish Army Pack

    Battle Ravens army packs offer players three new armies to command in battle: choose from the Normans, the Welsh, or the Scots.

  • Battle Ravens Norman Army Pack (Inglés)

    Battle Ravens Norman Army Pack

    Battle Ravens army packs offer players three new armies to command in battle: choose from the Normans, the Welsh, or the Scots.

  • Battle Ravens (Inglés)

     Battle Ravens

    As the shieldwalls clash, ravens fly overhead and lurk where the gory carnage is at its greatest. Break your opponent’s shieldwall before your own army loses heart and flees. Victory shall belong to the most cunning warlord, whose name shall be written into the Sagas.

  • Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare – Meteor...

    Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare – Meteor Storm Escalation Pack

    Escalation packs present additional starship models, rules, and terrain to add to the RED ALERT core game.

  • Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare – Space...

    Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare – Space Rift Escalation Pack

    Escalation packs present additional starship models, rules, and terrain to add to the RED ALERT core game.

  • Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare (Inglés)

     Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare

    Richard Borg heads into space in this exciting new Commands & Colours board game – including two complete fleets of hard plastic starships!

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