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  • 9,00 € - 45,00 €

Duración media de la partida

Duración media de la partida





Información de la tienda

Información de la tienda

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C/ Santo Domingo de la Calzada 4
41018 Sevilla

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  • Guill Ball - The Blacksmith's Guild:...

    The Blacksmith's Guild: Veteran Cinder (Inglés)

    The death of Furnace a curse forcing her to remain apprentice evermore, Cinder has sworn a terrible vow of revenge upon her master’s murderers. With deadly determination she remains hot on their heels, the searing heat of vengeance never to be quenched.

  • Tales of the New World - The Navigator's...

    Guild Ball:  The Navigator's Guild: Tales of the New World (Inglés) SFGBNAV-001 + Alternate Horizon Limited Edition SFGBNAV-003

    The Minor Guilds are an exciting brand-new expansion to the game of Guild Ball. In their constant arms race to have all the best players, each of the existing Guilds has allied themselves with a Minor Guild to bolster their chances of victory. Each Minor Guild plays as a standalone team, each has a Captain, a Mascot, and four other players. There is also a capacity for the Major and Minor Guilds to loan players to each other.

  • Paying the Piper - Guild Ball: The...

    Guild Ball:  The Ratcatcher's Guild - Paying the Piper (Inglés) + Alternate Piper

    Vermin, that’s all they are, more akin to their quarry than to men like you or me. Led by fear and guile, the Ratcatcher’s are vicious thugs trying to force others to dance to their tune.

    — Mallet, Mason’s Guild

  • Master Crafted Arsenal - The Blacksmith's...

    Guild Ball:  The Blacksmith's Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal (Inglés)

    “Hearth is the heart of her Guild, proud, resilient, and with one of the sharpest minds you’ll ever see. Save yourself the worry and don’t cross her, not in this lifetime or the next.”

    — Tapper, Brewer’s Guild

  • The Blacksmith's Guild Dice Pack - Guild...

    Guild Ball: The Blacksmith's Guild Dice Pack (Inglés)

    “Strike while the irons hot! Measure twice and cut once, no mistakes.”

    — Anvil, Blacksmith’s Guild

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