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Información de la tienda

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    Días de Ira: Budapest 1956 es un juego de mesa wargame que nos ofrece un viaje en el tiempo a los hechos que desencadenaron la Revolución del 23 de Octubre en Budapest, la capital de Hungría. El objetivo es tratar de sobrevivir a los últimos siete días de revoluciónmientras se evita que la ciudad se desplome. 

  • Friedrich (Inglés)

    Friedrich (Inglés)

    Gewinnen Sie bevor die Zarin stirbt! Oder üben Sie sich als Friedrich mit einer Mischung aus Entschlußkraft, Selbstmitleid und philosophischer Gelassenheit im Überlebenskampf.

  • Wild Blue Yonder (INGLES)

    Wild Blue Yonder

    In 1992, GMT released Rise of the Luftwaffe, the first Down in Flames WWII air combat card game. That game covered the early part of the War in Europe, from 1939 to early 1942. 

  • Quartermaster General: Prelude (Inglés)

     Quartermaster General: Prelude

    Quartermaster General: Prelude adds a short pre-game of new “Prelude” cards, setting the stage for WW II.

  • Battle of Britain (Inglés)

    Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain simulates the epic air battles of 1940 between the planes of Hermann Goering’s Luftwaffe and Great Britain. 

  • ONUS! ROMA VS CARTAGO (Segunda Edición)

    ONUS! ROMA VS CARTAGO (Segunda Edición)

    ¿Has soñado alguna vez con liderar poderosos ejércitos? ¿Has imaginado cruzar los Alpes con miles de soldados y elefantes para conquistar la misma Roma? ¿Has disfrutado de una buena novela histórica de la antigua república y te habría gustado por unos momentos trasladarte a aquellos días en plena batalla? 

  • Onus! Terrenos y Fortalezas + Libro de...

    Onus! Terrenos y Fortalezas + Libro de campañas

    Incluye de regalo un libro de Campañas de cerca de unas 112 páginas que contiene 40 escenarios de diferentes campañas y reglas especiales. Esta expansión te permitirá jugar a ONUS! con elementos de terreno y de fortalezas para poder recrear tus batallas de forma más completa y con más opciones.

  • Onus! Griegos y Persas

    Onus! Griegos y Persas

    Para poder jugar con esta expansión es necesario tener el juego ONUS! Roma vs Cartago, dado que sólo se incluyen las cartas de unidades, nuevos Generales y fichas adicionales. Todas las reglas del juego base se aplican para jugar esta expansión. 

  • The Dark Sands: War in North Africa...

    The Dark Sands: War in North Africa 1940-1942

    The Dark Sands takes the game system from Ted S. Raicer’s sold-out and critically acclaimed The Dark Valley: The East Front Campaign to the legendary battles of North Africa in WWII

  • Twilight Struggle

    Twilight Struggle

    Twilight Struggle es un juego para dos jugadores que simula los 45 años de intriga, lucha de prestigio y conflictos militares ocasionales entre la Unión Soviética y los Estados Unidos. El juego comienza entre las ruinas de la devastada Europa, cuando las dos «superpotencias» compiten sobre los escombros de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y acaba en 1989.



    For the People es un juego de estrategia a gran escala ambientado en la Guerra de Secesión Estadounidense, en el cual se usan cartas para simular el conflicto entre la Unión y la Confederación. Los jugadores asumen el papel de Abraham Lincoln, uno, y de Jefferson Davis, el otro, y se ponen al frente de sus ejércitos.



    Crisis de los misiles de Cuba.

    En octubre de 1962, una serie de fotografías aéreas obtenidas por aviones norteamericanos revelaron que los soviéticos estaban instalando en la isla misiles que podrían alcanzar gran parte de los Estados Unidos.



    Vive toda la tensión de la Segunda Guerra Mundial con De Barbarrosa A Berlín en esta nueva edición de lujo.

  • Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61...

    Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61

    Fort Sumter is a two-player Card Driven Game (CDG) portraying the 1860 secession crisis that led to the bombardment of Fort Sumter and the American Civil War. Fort Sumter is a small footprint game (11x17” mounted map) that takes approximately 25-40 minutes to play. The game pits a Unionist versus a Secessionist player. Each player uses the area control mechanic pioneered in Mark Herman's We The People design and immortalized in Twilight Struggle to place, move, and remove political capital. The location of political capital determines who controls each of the four crisis dimensions (Political, Secession, Public Opinion, and Armaments). After three rounds of play, the game culminates in a Final Crisis confrontation to determine the winner.

  • 1066, Tears To Many Mothers (Inglés)

    1066, Tears To Many Mothers 

    Recreate the infamous Battle of Hastings!

    A promise has been broken, an evil omen is in the sky, a crown is at stake, and history is about to be made...

  • Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 (Inglés)

    Dual Powers: Revolution 1917

    In March of 1917, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate the throne of Russia. In his place, a conservative Provisional Government formed, representing the official authority of the state. Opposed to the newly formed government stood the Petrograd Soviet, an elected council of workers organized by socialist activists.

  • Command & Colors: Tricorne (Inglés)

    Command & Colors: Tricorne

    Commands & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution is not overly complex. The game isbased on the highly successful Commands & Colors game system, where the Command cardsdrive movement while creating a “fog of war” and the battle dice resolve combat quickly andefficiently. Commands & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution, however, introducesmany new game concepts, which will add historical depth and provide even the most veteranCommands & Colors player many new play experiences and challenges.

  • Maria (Inglés)


    MARIA is a game based on the War of the Austrian Succession, where Austria was attacked by Prussia, France, Bavaria and Saxony, while only Great Britain, Hanover and the Netherlands (by forming the so-called Pragmatic Army) helped her.

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    Wilderness War 2015 Edition (INGLES)

    Wilderness War 2015 Edition

    Wilderness War takes two players into the French & Indian War, 1755-1760, the climactic struggle between France and Britain for control of North America.

  • Hitler's Reich (Inglés)

    Hitler's Reich 

    No stacks of armies, no hexes, no overly-lengthy rules to learn - Hitler’s Reich takes five minutes to set up and two hours (or less!) to play. Players fight over Europe, across the North Atlantic and Mediterranean and into Russia using a combat mechanism similar to the traditional card game “War” with dice added in. High-quality wooden pieces mark their progress, which is aided economically, politically and on the battlefield through the competition for and play of Event Cards drawn from three unique decks: one for the Axis, one for the Allies, and one from which either side can attempt to draw.

  • Pacific Victory (Inglés)

     Pacific Victory

    Pacific Victory covers the war in the Pacific during World War II using the Columbia Block game system. Units are represented by wooden blocks which remain upright and hide the type and strength of the unit. A fusion of Columbia's older "Front" system and its newer "Victory" system, the game focuses on the grand strategy of the Pacific war. It provides a number of scenarios that deal with specific stages of the war and also a grand campaign.

  • 1866 (Inglés)


    1866 is a two-player simulation dealing with the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 in CentralEurope. One player controls the forces of Prussia and its allies, to include the young Kingdomof Italy and the other player controls the forces of Austria and its German Confederation allies.

  • Nine Years War (Inglés)

    Nine Years War

    This Stand alone game uses the No Peace without Spain System, also contains a campaigngame combining the components and scenario rules of both the Nine Years: War of the GrandAlliance 1688-1697 and NO PEACE WITHOUT SPAIN games into one epic scenariorunning from 1688 to 1713 for the epic scenario ownership off both games is needed. Nowplayers can recreate one of the decisive moments in European history, as France begins itslong slide to revolution, Austria enjoys its last moment of continental dominance, and Britainasserts itself as the preeminent economic power of Europe.

  • Raiders of the Deep (Inglés)

    Raiders of the Deep

    Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18is asolitaire, tactical level gameplacing you in command of a German U-boat during WWI (known at the time as The GreatWar). Your mission is to destroy as much Allied shipping as possible, while advancing yourcrew quality, increasing your Commander rank, and attempting to survive until the Armisticeand the end of the war.Raiders of the Deepis based on the popularHuntersgame system byGregory M. Smith and marks the first dedicated boardgame treatment covering WWI U-Boatwarfare.

  • Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition Sixth (Inglés)

    Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition Sixth

    Paths of Glory, designed by six-time Charles S. Roberts Award winner, Ted Raicer, allows players to step into the shoes of the monarchs and marshals who triumphed and bungled from 1914 to 1918. As the Central Powers you must use the advantage of interior lines and the fighting skill of the Imperial German Army to win your rightful "Place in the Sun." As the Entente Powers (Allies) you must bring your greater numbers to bear to put an end to German militarism and ensure this is "The War to End All Wars." Both players will find their generalship and strategic abilities put to the test as Paths of Glory's innovative game systems let you recreate all the dramatic events of World War I.