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  • Cubirds


    Cada día, docenas de pájaros se posan en las vallas de nuestros campos. Cuando es hora de irse hay mucho jaleo, y los pájaros no son capaces de organizarse en bandadas para volver a casa. ¡Ayúdalos a encontrar el camino de vuelta a sus nidos!

  • Legends Untold: The Alchemist Novice...

    Legends Untold: The Alchemist Novice Booster

    The Achean Alchemists, with their unparalleled knowledge of herbology, travel far and wide across Mor Nadar to gather the herbs and plants they need to brew powerful potions. The novices amongst the Acheans are known as Gardeners as they tend the Great Gardens of Achea.
  • Legends Untold: The Druid Novice Booster...

    Legends Untold: The Druid Novice Booster

    The Druiach Path guides those who seek to become one with nature upon Mor Nadar. It allows the Neophytes that follow its ways to draw on the powers of the animals, insects and reptiles found deep within the Weeping Caves and Great Sewers of Dun Mordhain.


    Eagle-Gryphon Games is proud to present Matt Leacock's Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age by Tom Lehmann, the much-anticipated sequel to Matt Leacock's best-selling and highly-awarded Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age.

  • Battletech: Total Warfare (Inglés)

    Battletech: Total Warfare

    It is the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across human-occupied space. As star empires clash, these epic wars are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal titans bristling with lasers, autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons; enough firepower to level entire city blocks. Your elite force of MechWarriors drives these juggernauts into battle, proudly holding your faction’s flag high, intent on expanding the power and glory of your realm.

  • Battletech Interstellar Operations (Inglés)

    Battletech Interstellar Operations

    BattleTech: Interstellar Operations is the fifth core rulebook in the BattleTech Total Warfare line. It enables players to scale the action up beyond a single solar system.

    Interstellar Operations contains rules for running an entire faction's military as a player tries to conquer numerous solar systems, including rules for how to conduct warfare through scales larger than previously represented within the core line of rulebooks. Finally, perhaps one of the most anticipated portions of the book, the Alternate Eras section introduces a huge swath of rules for playing across the thousand years of Battletech history, including weapons and equipment mostly unique to a given era, such as complete rules for building and playing with LAMs.

  • Battletech Shattered Fortress (Inglés)

    Battletech Shattered Fortress

    Shattered Fortress is one of two sourcebooks/scenario books that details the last years of the Dark Age Era (From 3146 to 3150). The events which are covered is the invasion of the Republic of the Sphere's Fortress Walls into Prefecture X and highlights other major events occuring across the Inner Sphere. Included among its rules are other gaming enhancements allowing play in Total Warfare Game Rules, A Time of War RPG & Alpha Strike. Featured in the back of this book are mini-campaigns for various events during this Era using the Chaos Campaign Rules/Warchest Point System. In this book, it discuses the possible methods that made the Fortress Walls and HPG Blackout possible.

  • King & Assassins Deluxe (Inglés)

    King & Assassins Deluxe

    King and Assassins is an asymmetrical fantasy game of strategy and deception for two players. One player controls a vile king and his knightly lackeys who try to force their way into the castle through a mob of wrathful citizens. The other player controls the mob itself and – more importantly – three assassins who hide among the crowd hoping to kill or stop the ruler long enough for the people to deal with him using their bare fists. The king has only so much time before he is overpowered by his own subjects but using guile and swords of his guards he may be able to eliminate the assassins and hopefully escape into the safety of his palace.

  • Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game -...

    Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Fear Itself

    With the Legendary Villains: Fear Itself expansion for Legendary and Legendary: Villains, you can play through the "Fear Itself" storyline from Marvel Comics. This expansion consists of six new allies from The Worthy: Kuurth, Nul, Skirn, Nerkkod, Greithoth and Skadi; one new adversary group; one new commander; and three new plots.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the...

    Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master

    For centuries, the Lacoonian System, an alliance of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, has lived in peace, but now the Evil Power Master has returned and is leading a destructive rebellion. The Lacoonian System's Rapid Force crew must band together, follow data and clues the Evil Power Master left behind, and discover his location to defeat him in an epic final battle. Can you restore order to the galaxy?

  • Coimbra


    En la Era de los descubrimientos, las ciudades más grandes de Portugal: Lisboa, Oporto, y especialmente Coímbra con su famosa universidad, están prosperando. Como líder de una de las casas más ricas de Coímbra, buscas ganar prestigio en esta floreciente era. Para ello, deberás obtener favores de los ciudadanos más influyentes de la ciudad - clérigos, eruditos, miembros del consejo, y comerciantes – a cambio de un poco de dinero o bien ofreciéndoles protección mediante guardias.

  • Battletech Beginner Box (Inglés)

    Battletech Beginner Box

    The Introductory Box Set is designed as the entry point into the game for new BattleTech players. The quick-start rules, which can be learned in under an hour, will have new players quickly slugging it out in the thirty-foot-tall war machines known as BattleMechs. The longer introductory rules provide more extensive guidelines for 'Mech movement and combat as well as construction rules for building or customizing your own (introductory-level) 'Mechs. Quick-start rules for vehicles and infantry are also included for players interested in combined-arms battles.



    A los jóvenes Diplodocus les encantan las hojas de los pastos vecinos. Para ganar, tu equipo de Diplos (Diplodocus) tiene que comer más hojas que el equipo del oponente… ¡a no ser que uno de vosotros decida llamar a los T. Rex para acabar con los Diplos del contrario!

  • Galaxy Trucker (Inglés)

    Galaxy Trucker (Inglés)

    Construye un carguero espacial en tu tablero con las piezas disponibles y ¡hazlo bien! porque tendrás que superar en tu viaje muchos peligros. Coloca escudos, motores, láser de la mejor forma posible y reza para que tu nave no se desmorone en el espacio por una lluvia de meteoritos o un ataque de piratas.

  • Eminent Domain: Oblivion (Inglés)

    Eminent Domain: Oblivion

    Your empire has grown vast and powerful, reaching beyond every edge of the galaxy. Now you must ensure the ties that bind your planets do not falter.

    Assert your dominance in the political arena. Use your clout to advance your agendas. As your borders expand farther and farther, do not let the core of your empire fall into oblivion!

  • Are You A Robot? (Inglés)

    Are You A Robot?

    Can you tell who among you is real or robotic? This micro-game asks 2-3 close friends to decide the fate of the human race. Humans prosper if they correctly shoot the Robot but the Robots win if humans turn on each other. Peace can be achieved by a handshake but sneaky Robots have an iron grip.

  • Tiny Epic Mechs (Inglés)

    Tiny Epic Mechs

    It's the year 3030, and technology offers humankind unimaginable entertainment. What used to be virtual reality is now reality, and sports that once occupied your flat-screen now occupy the world stage. The largest of them embodies the evolution and integration of athleticism and machinery. Once every five years, hundreds of millions of viewers tune in to witness the spectacle that is M.E.C.H.s: Mechanized Entertainment Combat Heroes.

  • Space Base: Command Station (Inglés)

    Space Base: Command Station

    Following the events surrounding "Shy Pluto", two new zones within known space have opened up. The Admiral has promoted two new Captains to the rank of Commodore to command these new space bases and work their sectors!

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    [Pre-Venta 23/08/2019] Spirit Island

    Spirit Island 

    Spirit Island es un juego cooperativo temático sobre cómo defender tu isla de Invasores. Los jugadores son diferentes espíritus de la tierra, cada uno con sus propios poderes elementales únicos. Cada turno, los jugadores eligen simultáneamente cuál de sus cartas de poder jugar, pagando energía para hacerlo. Usar combinaciones de cartas de poder que coincidan con las afinidades elementales de un espíritu puede otorgar efectos de bonificación gratis.

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    Peloponnesian War (Inglés)

    Peloponnesian War (Inglés)

    What was old is new again. I am excited to have this opportunity to bring back into print and enhanced version of my original Peloponnesian War design that was originally published by Victory Games. This military game of ancient warfare lets YOU chart the destiny of the war. Peloponnesian War uses a still-unique solitaire system that was a pioneer in this genre, yet was never copied. 

  • Leaving Earth: Stations (Inglés)

    Leaving Earth: Stations

    An expansion for Leaving Earth, focusing on manned exploration and habitation of the inner Solar System.

  • Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion (Inglés)

    Galaxy Trucker: Big Expansion (Inglés)

    New components like shield boosters, stasis chambers, and bi-directional cannons give you more options during flight.

  • Upstream


    En Upstream cada jugador controla un banco de salmones que intenta remontar el río para dejar sus juegos en el lugar en el que nacieron, tras una larga vida en alta mar.



    Maldad Caótica es una expansión para Covil que introduce nuevos elementos y mecánicas. 

  • That's a Question! (Inglés)

    That's a Question! (Inglés)

    Which would you miss more if it ceased to exist: Mountains or Pizza?

    That's a question! And it's also the sort of question you'll need to answer when you play this game.

  • Codenames (Inglés)

    Codenames (Inglés)

    The two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their CODENAMES.

  • Dungeon Lords (Inglés)

    Dungeon Lords (Inglés)

    In Dungeon Lords, you are an evil dungeonlord who is trying to build the best dungeon out there. You hire monsters, build rooms, buy traps and defeat the do-gooders who wish to bring you down.

  • Dungeon Lords: Festival Season (Inglés)

    Dungeon Lords: Festival Season

    The game is still played over two years, but now each year has five rounds instead of four: winter, spring, summer, autumn and festival season. More time to build your dungeon, but also more time for adventurers to gather a larger party. There are new monsters, rooms, and traps to prepare your dungeon for the battle 

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    Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary (Inglés)

    Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary (Inglés)

    Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary is the anniversary edition of the boardgame Dungeon Lords, and includes the base game, the Festival Season expansion, the Dungeon-Set-Up mini expansions, and lots of other extra material.

  • Dungeon Petz (Inglés)

    Dungeon Petz (Inglés)

    Become the leader of an imp family that has just started a new business – breeding and selling petz. Sound simple and safe? Well, we forgot to mention that those petz are for Dungeon Lords. This means magical, playful, sometimes angry monsters that constantly desire attention

  • Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys (Inglés)

    Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys (Inglés)

    Bringing you more than just new pets, cages and magic items, the Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys has a whole new district in the town. This is the heart of the expansion. It’s kind of a back alley district in the Imp town where all the weird existences live and try to do their business.

  • Goblins, Inc. (Inglés)

    Goblins, Inc. (Inglés)

    Goblins, Inc. is a corporation dedicated to building unstoppable giant doomsday robots, and it's looking for a new Boss. Do you have what it takes?

  • Last Will (Inglés)

    Last Will (Inglés)

    In his last will, your rich uncle stated that all of his millions will go to the nephew who can enjoy money the most. How to find out which nephew should be rich? You will each be given a large amount of money and whoever can spend it first will be the rightful heir. Visit the most exclusive theatres or eat in the most expensive restaurants.

  • Last Will: Getting Sacked! (Inglés)

    Last Will: Getting Sacked! (Inglés)

    In Last Will: Getting Sacked, the lawyers have found a hidden clause in your uncle's last will. Spending money faster than all your relatives will not be enough. To inherit your uncle's fortune, you must also lose your job! After all, your uncle's heritage can't go to someone who's employed!

  • The Prodigals Club (Inglés)

    The Prodigals Club (Inglés)

    This is the role of a proper Victorian gentleman: to acquire valuable property, to attend formal dinners, and to impress influential people. In other words, the proper Victorian gentleman is intolerably dull. Maybe it's time to have a little fun.

  • Pulsar 2849 (Inglés)

    Pulsar 2849 (Inglés)

    It is the year 2849, one millennium after the Gold Rush, and the mining of raw materials has reached a whole new level. Humankind has successfully tested the first Stellar Mirror and harnessed enough power from a Pulsar to open the first space gate. 

    A New Era has just begun...

  • Space Alert (Inglés)

    Space Alert (Inglés)

    Space Alert is a cooperative team survival game. Players become crew members of a small spaceship scanning dangerous sectors of galaxy. The missions last just 10 real-time minutes (hyperspace jump, sector scan, hyperspace jump back) and the only task the players have is to protect their ship. 

  • Space Alert: The New Frontier (Inglés)

    Space Alert: The New Frontier (Inglés)

    Do you think your team of space pioneers is already experienced enough? Even the most dangerous of enemies don’t scare you anymore? There’s a new program of reconnaissance flights to extremely dangerous sectors. To survive you’ll need to pass a special training that allows you to do more actions in the same time.

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    Through the Ages: A New Story of...

    Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (Inglés)

    You begin with a small tribe and the will to build a great civilization. Expand your farms and mines to gain the resources to build your cities. This lays the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and great wonders. Choose wise leaders whose legacy will lead your people to greatness.



    La serie WW1 de Wings of Glory es una forma fácil y divertida de jugar. Con un sistema rápido y fácil que permite jugar a los pocos minutos de abrir la caja. Mecánicas de juego innovadoras abarcan gran cantidad aviones con gran maniobrabilidad y potencia de fuego. Revive los combates aéreos de la 1ª Guerra Mundial.

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    Pulsar 2849

    Pulsar 2849

    Explora nuevos sistemas, desarrolla potentes teconologías y gestiona bien tus recursos con Pulsar 2849, el eurogame de exploración espacial de colocación de dados.

    1. El eurogame de exploración espacial.

    2. Profundidad y rejugabilidad.

    3. Distintos caminos a la gloria. Mecánicas: Colocación de dados, movimiento entre puntos

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    Sekigahara (INGLES)


    The battle of Sekigahara, fought in 1600 at a crossroads in Japan, unified that nation under the Tokugawa family for more than 250 years.

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    Flamme Rouge

    Flamme Rouge

    Vive toda la emoción de los clásicos Tours con Flamme Rouge, el juego de carreras ciclistas clásicas de gestión de mano.

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    ¡Maldición! Has sido exiliado y te han requisado todos tus bienes excepto unos pocos chelines y algo de chatarra. Inasequible al desaliento, viajas a una tierra extraña para reinventarte a ti mismo y recuperar tu honor.

  • Love Letter Premium (Inglés)

    Love Letter Premium

    Love Letter Premium takes the familiar Love Letter game and enhances it in two different ways. First, the cards are supersized and much thicker than normal, the hearts that players claim are large and wooden, and the hard-sided box has a magnetic closure.

  • Lovecraft Letter (Inglés)

    Lovecraft Letter

    It is the 1920s, and the world is in a state of confusion following WWI. During this time, you and your friends find yourselves amongst mysterious events.

  • Smash Up Big In Japan (Inglés)

    Smash Up Big In Japan

    Smash Up: Big in Japan brings the most kawaii base-bashing you've seen to Smash Up, with four factions born from Japanese pop culture: anime fighting girls, cute collectible critters that are totally not Pokémon, colorful fighters that are in no way Power Rangers, and Godzilla.

  • Smash Up That 70s Expansion (Inglés)

    Smash Up That 70s Expansion

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