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  • [Pre-Venta 20/01/2022] War Chest: Asedio

    No todas las batallas se libran en campo abierto.

    En muchos casos, los defensores se esconden tras las grandes murallas de sus poderosos castillos.

    ¡Es hora de que te prepares para el asedio!

  • Scope Stalingrad. 2da Edición (ES/EN)

    SCOPE es un juego de 2 a 4 jugadores, ambientado en la batalla de Stalingrado, donde los jugadores toman el papel de francotiradores de ambos bandos. El objetivo del juego es acabar con los francotiradores del enemigo o eliminar tropas enemigas por un valor total de puntos que dependerá del escenario que se juegue.

  • Tapete Scope Stalingrad

    Tapete de neopreno Scope Stalingrad de 55x90cm con todos los modos de juego que hay en SCOPE Stalingrad

  • Paper Wars 98: Battle of the Alma (Inglés)

    First Blood in the Crimea: The Battle of the Alma, 20 September 1854. This game uses the alternating-actions system introduced here in Wagram. That system places the emphasis on players’ mastery of overall operations rather than on the minutiae of tactics. In effect, players role-play each side’s supreme commander, making the decisions those two men would make rather than the whole command chain, as is often the case many complex tactical-level games.

  • SCOPE Stalingrad

    SCOPE Stalingrad

    Año 1942, Segunda Guerra Mundial. Alemania y La Unión Soviética luchan ferozmente por el control de una Stalingrado en ruinas. En este encarnizado combate urbano, los francotiradores de ambos bandos toman un papel decisivo, sembrando el caos y abatiendo objetivos prioritarios en las filas enemigas.

    SCOPE es un juego de cartas temático, en el que cada jugador controla un equipo de francotiradores, que debe acabar con el equipo rival y otros objetivos estratégicos, buscando blancos, cambiando de posición y disparando con astucia para no ser descubierto y abatido.

  • D-Day Dice: 2ª Edición

    Normandía, 6 de junio de 1944. Al llegar a las bien defendidas costas francesas, ves como un nido de ametralladoras alemanas está aniquilando a tus camaradas. ¡Debes ayudarles!

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    The Hunters: German U-Boats at War,...

    The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43 

    The Hunters is a solitaire tactical level game placing you in command of a German U-boat during WWII. Your mission is to destroy as much Allied Shipping and as many Capital ships as possible while advancing your crew quality and increasing your commander rank culminating in special decoration ‒ all while remembering you have to make it home.

  • 1066, La Batalla de Hastings

    “Se ha roto una promesa y en el cielo puede verse un presagio de mal augurio. Una corona está en juego y la historia está a punto de escribirse. Es abril del año 1066 y Harold Godwinson, Rey de Inglaterra, se enfrenta a un desafío mortal lanzado por el Duque Guillermo de Normandía. Guillermo piensa que Harold ha roto su juramento solemne al reclamar la corona inglesa, y esta afrenta solo puede resolverse por las armas, en una batalla nunca vista antes en el mundo…“

  • Andean Abyss 2nd Edition - Update Kit...

    This update kit includes the components necessary to upgrade 1st edition version of Andean Abyss to the 2nd Edition.

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    Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen Of The Skies...

    Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen Of The Skies

    A solitaire alternate history game in which World War II has gone horribly wrong. Command one of 6 models of "Amerika Bomber" from a base in the Azores as you strategically bomb the U.S. mainland. The goal is to maximize bombing damage while improving your pilot and crew, and to survive increasingly difficult missions.

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    France 1944: The Allied Crusade In Europe...

    France 1944: The Allied Crusade In Europe

    France 1944: The Allied Crusade in Europe, Designer Signature Edition, marks the return of an original game covering the historical events that led to the liberation of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands during the Allied drive on Germany by renowned game designer, Mark Herman. This new signature edition has been re-mastered and updated and will be linking with an all-new companion game, Russia 1944, slated for release in 2019.

  • Combat! (Inglés)


    Combat! is a solitaire game on man to man combat in the 20th century. The player will control Friendly forces and attempt to complete a scenario against enemy forces that are controlled by the game system. At the start of each turn the player will play 1 card from their hand to the Initiative track. This card will determine the initiative values for each of the player’s friendly teams and may have other effects depending on the card. 

  • Axis & Allies: D-Day (Inglés)

    Axis & Allies: D-Day

    It’s the morning of June 6, 1944. As Allied forces prepare to storm Normandy’s beaches, the fate of Europe is in your hands! In honor of next year’s 60th anniversary of D-Day, Avalon Hill will release Axis & Allies D-Day, a new, stand-alone extension of the classic strategy game Axis & Allies. Axis & Allies D-Day will allow players to recreate the largest amphibious invasion in history.

  • Imperial Struggle (Inglés) + Update Kit

    Note: Before posting questions on rules, components, or clarifications or any other questions; please refer to the Imperial Struggle Corrections and Clarifications document. This file was created by, and is maintained by, the designers. As of July 2020 a set of Living Rules have been released.

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    Silver Bayonet - 25th Anniversary Edition...

    Silver Bayonet - 25th Anniversary Edition

    Silver Bayonet recreates the pivotal November 1965 battle between a full North Vietnamese Army Division and the US 1st Air Cavalry Division in the Ia Drang Valley. NVA expertise in lure and ambush tactics resulted in significant US casualties.

  • Maria (Multi-idioma)

    MARIA is a game based on the War of the Austrian Succession, where Austria was attacked by Prussia, France, Bavaria and Saxony, while only Great Britain, Hanover and the Netherlands (by forming the so-called Pragmatic Army) helped her.

  • Twilight Struggle: La Guerra Fría

    Twilight Struggle es un juego para dos jugadores que simula los 45 años de intriga, lucha de prestigio y conflictos militares ocasionales entre la Unión Soviética y los Estados Unidos. El juego comienza entre las ruinas de la devastada Europa, cuando las dos «superpotencias» compiten sobre los escombros de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y acaba en 1989.

  • Pack: Historias de Guerra + Botín de...

    Este pack del D-Day Dice incluye las expansiones:

    • Historias de Guerra
    • Botín de Guerra
  • Pack La Gran Guerra (Español) + Expansión...

    Pack La Gran Guerra (Español) + Expansión de los Tanques (Inglés)

    La Gran Guerra (“The Great War”), un juego de Richard Borg, el conocido diseñador de wargames ligeros como Memoir 44 o Battlelore, retrata las épicas batallas de la Primera Guerra Mundial, permitiendo a los jugadores reproducir los históricos enfrentamientos que se dieron lugar.

  • Undaunted: North Africa (Inglés)

    Undaunted: North Africa

    The Undaunted series continues with this two-player deck-building game of tactical combat, pitting the raiders of Britain's Long Range Desert Group against Italian forces in the North African Theater of World War II.

  • Brief Border Wars (Inglés)

    Brief Border Wars

    Brief Border Wars is a quadrigame or set of four mini-games on short border conflicts of the 20th and 21st century, using a card-driven system that models the chaotic, stop-and-start nature of these impromptu wars.

  • The Fulda Gap: The Battle for the Center...

    The Fulda Gap: The Battle for the Center

    Stopping the possibility of a Soviet advance against NATO required some of the highest skilled troops to defend far forward in West Germany to prevent the vital industry and population from falling into Soviet hands. This was the task of the 11th Cavalry Regiment - the famed Black Horse Regiment - in the area well known as the Fulda Gap. The Fulda Gap was a break in the defensively favorable terrain that channelled advance directly towards the main American bases in West Germany. It was vital that this be held as long as possible.

  • Ostkrieg: WW II Eastern Front (Inglés)

    Ostkrieg: WW II Eastern Front

    Ostkrieg: WWII Eastern Front is a strategic level game that covers the entire war in the east from Barbarossa until 1945. Each turn is one year, but the game is card-driven with each year consisting of multiple card plays per side.

  • WWII Commander: Battle Of The Bulge (Inglés)

    WWII Commander: Battle Of The Bulge

    WWII Commander, Volume One: Battle of the Bulge is the first in a series of fast-playing area-based games on key campaigns of the Second World War. Battle of the Bulge is a two-player game of the German offensive against the Western Allies in December 1944, designed by renowned game designer John H. Butterfield and based on his original boardgame design that was later released in digital format by Shenandoah Studios, an imprint of Slitherine UL Ltd.

  • Frontier wars

    Frontier wars 

    Frontier Wars te pone al mando de una de las cuatro facciones más relevantes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

    Debes conquistar, construir, administrar, investigar y luchar para ganar la partida, en un campo de batalla modular, creado con losetas que permiten un sinfín de posibilidades.

  • Blue Water Navy (Inglés)

    Blue Water Navy is an air-navy-submarine game of world war three in the 1980's. It covers from Cuba and Florida in the West to the Kola peninsula in the East and the Mediterranean as well.

  • Hearts and Minds (Inglés)

    Hearts and Minds

    Hearts and Minds, Third Edition is an uncomplicated approach to a very complicated conflict. Eight scenarios introduce players to U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia including a scenario after the US withdrew from Vietnam, a full campaign scenario as well as high solitaire capability. Players appreciate the ability to start in any year of the war they wish and fight to the end of any other year of the war. The game provides a comprehensive historical approach using mechanics that include guerrilla warfare, faction differentiation, political turmoil, and veteran advantages. This design has already been used as a successful teaching tool.

  • The Great Game (Inglés)

    The Great Game

    The Great Game recreates the 19th Century Anglo-Russian struggle for supremacy in Central Asia. In the actual contest, Tsarist Russia resented British expeditions into the Steppe Khanates while Victorian Britain feared that Russian entreaties to Persia and Afghanistan would jeopardize India's security. So the two imperial powers wove a complex tale of diplomatic intrigue, colonial conquest and proxy wars that spanned 50 years.

  • Milito (Inglés)


    Refight battles between the greatest armies of the Ancient World: Republican Roman, Carthaginian, Alexandrian Macedonian, Achaemenid Persian, and more!

    Milito is a card-based, diceless wargame by Martin Wallace that puts you at the head of an Ancient army, making the key tactical decisions that will win or lose you the battle. Commanding a combination of troops unique to your own army, you'll play unit cards to take control of the battlefield. 

  • Blitzkrieg! Board Game (Inglés)

    Blitzkrieg! Board Game

    Recreate World War Two in 20 minutes! The perfect wargame for non-wargamers, Blitzkrieg! allows two players to battle across the War’s most iconic theatres, winning key campaigns and building military might.

  • Blitzkrieg! Nippon Expansion Pack (Inglés)

    Blitzkrieg! Nippon Expansion Pack 

    The Nippon Expansion adds a new challenge to Blitzkrieg! What if the Axis coalition had won World War Two, and Germany invaded and occupied the United States of America? And … what if Japan then turned on its former ally and invaded German-held America? With the help of Godzilla?

  • Lincoln (Inglés)


    Lincoln is a fast-paced, light, two-player, card-driven strategy wargame set in the American Civil War that allows you to re-fight the entire American Civil War at a strategic level in under two hours.

  • Labyrinth: The Forever War, 2015-? (Inglés)

    Labyrinth: The Forever War, 2015-?

    Labyrinth: The Forever War, 2015 - ? is a 1-2 player card-driven boardgame simulating at the strategic level the ongoing bid by Islamist extremists to impose their brand of religious rule on the Muslim world. It continues where Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 - ? left off and adds new event cards and rules to cover the last five years of history.

  • Wing Leader: Origins 1936-1942 (INGLÉS)

    Wing Leader: Origins 1936-1942

    Wing Leader: Origins 1936-1942 is the third expansion for GMT’s Wing Leader system. Origins dives into the thrilling battles of the inter-war and early-war period. This expansion matches biplanes against fast monoplanes in combat over Spain, China, and Poland. Nationalist CR.32s face off against ‘Red’ I-15s over Madrid. Soviet volunteers fly ‘Chaikas’ against Japanese ‘Claudes’ above China. Bf 109s dive into streams of British Wellingtons, Halifaxes, and Manchesters while defending battleships in Brest.

  • 2GM Pacific (WWII wargame)

     2GM Pacific (WWII wargame)

    2GM Pacific es un juego de tablero, tipo wargame, que permite recrear batallas entre las naciones de Estados Unidos y Japón en el Teatro de Operaciones del Pacífico, dentro del marco de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

  • Montys Gamble Market Garden (Inglés)

    Montys Gamble Market Garden

    An all-new edition of this popular Area Movement System game contains updated components, new cover art, and the Fortress: Holland variant.

    Monty's Gamble: Market Garden is a reprinting of MMP’s highly acclaimed area movement game on Operation Market Garden simulating the Allied attack in Holland and the German response. The Allies must land paratroopers, seize key bridges, and get XXX Corps up "Hell's Highway" to relieve the British paratroopers in Arnhem, all while the Germans are attempting to break the supply line.

  • Blitzkrieg! + Expansión Nipona


    ¡Recrea la Segunda Guerra Mundial en solo 20 minutos!

    Blitzkrieg! es el perfecto “wargame” para los jugadores que no son expertos en este tipo de juegos. Dos jugadores lucharán en los escenarios más icónicos de la Guerra, tratarán de ganar campañas clave y desarrollarán sus recursos militares.

  • Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar

    Julio César es un wargame de bloques para 2 jugadores que está ambientado en los cinco años de la Guerra Civil Romana (49-45 aC.). Los jugadores toman el control de las legiones de César o Pompeyo y luchan para determinar el futuro de Roma: República o Imperio

  • Hands in the Sea

    Hands in the Sea

    Hands in the Sea es un juego para 2 jugadores que trata sobre la guerra entre Roma y Cartago para el control de Sicilia, Cerdeña y Córcega entre los años 264 y 241 AC. Se trata de un juego de acciones, las cuales se realizan a través de las cartas jugadas por cada bando. Cada una de las potencias tiene su propio mazo de cartas, aunque hay varias cartas compartidas por ambos jugadores. Podrás realizar nuevas acciones comprando nuevas cartas y añadiéndolas a tu pila de Descartes, para poder utilizarlas en turnos posteriores.

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