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    En Ex Libris, los jugadores son coleccionistas de libros raros y valiosos y compiten por tener la mejor biblioteca del pueblo. Faltan pocos días para la gran Feria y la competencia va a ser terrible! ¿Serás capaz de ordenarlos todos alfabéticamente? ¿Y por temática? ¿Y manteniendo la estabilidad de las estanterías? ¡¿Y todo a la vez?! Mediante un original sistema de colocación de trabajadores Ex Libris ofrece partidas divertidas, interactivas y que pondrán a prueba las habilidades organizativas de los jugadores.

  • FUJI


    En Fuji, seréis un grupo de aventureros en su camino hacia el volcán más famoso de Japón. Pero justo antes de que podáis llegar a vuestro destino, la tierra comienza a temblar ¡y el volcán entra en erupción! Ahora, tú y tu grupo debéis escapar de la letal ola de lava tan rápido como podáis, y llegar a salvo al pueblo.

  • Dice Hospital


    En Dice Hospital, un juego de colocación de trabajadores, los jugadores deberán tratar todos los pacientes que puedan para apaciguar a las autoridades locales. Tendrás que distribuir al personal del hospital para tratar a los pacientes en tu tablero individual. 

  • The Game Changers (Inglés)

    The Game Changers

    Welcome to The Game Changers; cards that can spice up ANY game you play! Yes, that’s right, take any board or card game you like, and use one of our Changers to mix things up! You decide how you’d like to change your favorite table-top games.

  • Guerra de mitos XIII: Era Mortal

    Guerra de mitos XIII: Era Mortal

    Duodécimo tercera expansión de Guerra de Mitos. En era mortal podreís encontrar a los caballeros de la mesa redonda, con nuevas mecánicas de combates, los Druidas encabezados por Merlín y una buena serie de Monstruos y Héroes relacionados con Mythsgate

  • Worlds Fair 1893 (Inglés)

    Worlds Fair 1893

    The World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago was a spectacular international exhibition that showcased many great achievements in science, technology, culture, and entertainment. Acting as organizers of the fair, players work diligently to increase their influence throughout the fair and obtain the grand exhibits that will be put on display. The organizer who has earned the best reputation when the fair begins will emerge the victor.

  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde es un juego de reglas sencillas y accesible para todos, de 2 a 4 jugadores y con una duración variable según una puntuación acordada al principio de la partida. Se enfrentan dos equipos: los del Dr. Jekyll contra los de Mr. Hyde. Los jugadores deberán ayudarse mutuamente para ganar al rival. Sin embargo, el control sobre las propias cartas es limitado: los jugadores de Dr. Jekyll también deben jugar cartas del equipo de Mr. Hyde y viceversa. Se requiere por ello una comunicación y táctica sutil entre los jugadores.

  • ULM (Inglés)

    Ulm at its heyday

    The construction of the Ulm Minster has not yet been completed, but the city is already wealthy and prestigious. Players try to expand their spheres of influence and to make optimal use of the hustle and bustle on the market place around the cathedral.

    • A strategy game suitable for families
    • Innovative moving mechanism
    • Box and rules in German, English and French
  • Flatline (Inglés)


    Flatline is a co-operative dice game set in the Fuse universe. Players must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving patients.

  • Five Seals of Magic (Inglés)

    Five Seals of Magic

    Explore the dungeon of the Arcana Tower in Five Seals of Magic to find powerful spells! Magical seals of four elements block your way to the scrolls. Use the dice of four matching colors to break the seals and clear a path to the scrolls. You should also keep an eye on your opponents. Use your powers at the right time and at the right place! Manipulate dice and other elements of the game with scrolls, which you've collected (which will be different from game to game, offering much replayability). This way, you can break stronger seals and open your way to more powerful scrolls. The player who collects the most powerful scrolls wins.

  • MAZO GDM XI: Genios y Ladrones

    MAZO GDM XI: Genios y Ladrones

    Guerra de Mitos es un juego de cartas basado en un mundo fantástico en el que coexisten las diferentes mitologías. Se trata de un juego diferente, dinámico y diseñado para que el jugador pueda diseñar una gran variedad de mazos con diferentes estrategias, ampliando con cada expansión el número de mitologías disponibles y las posibilidades de juego.

  • Package!? (Inglés)


    Package!? is an abstract strategy game, designed with very quick play in mind (roughly 5 minutes a game), and is played without the need for a board, or a great deal of space. 

  • MAZO GDM IX: Era Divina

    MAZO GDM IX: Era Divina

    Guerra de Mitos es un juego de cartas basado en un mundo fantástico en el que coexisten las diferentes mitologías. Se trata de un juego diferente, dinámico y diseñado para que el jugador pueda diseñar una gran variedad de mazos con diferentes estrategias, ampliando con cada expansión el número de mitologías disponibles y las posibilidades de juego.

    • Precio rebajado
    • Envío Gratis (Península)*



    A World of Beautiful Colors comes alive as players choose commission cards picturing 34 of the finest European art works of the past six centuries. Players score their commissions by mixing primary colors through clever tile placement and recreating the palette of colors used by the masters.

  • Boom, Bang, Oro

    Boom, Bang, Oro

    En el apacible pueblo de Old Town se ha descubierto oro y la tranquilidad ha dejado de reinar.

  • Palazzo (Inglés)


    Who will build the most magnificent palace? In the game of Palazzo, set in the age of the late renaissance, the players slip on the roles of wealthy landowners, who compete against each other to build the most valuable palaces.

  • Konja (Inglés)


    Konja is a press-your-luck and resource management dice game in which 2 players compete as wizards, summoned by an old king to manifest a great storm and bring rain to a dry land. By rolling dice and activating powerful spells and relics cards, players gain Gold, Magick, Power, and Clouds.

  • London Markets (Inglés)

    London Markets (Inglés)

    London, 19th century: Under Queen Victoria’s reign, trade of exotic goods in the United Kingdom has blossomed, with china, soap, silk and coffee being traded for top prices at London’s markets. 

  • Hold the Line: French Indian Wars...

    Hold the Line: French Indian Wars Expansion

    The French and Indian War expansion has 12 Scenarios from the French and Indian War plus plastic French soldiers in White. It also has unique custom plastic game pieces for Rangers and Indians. Additionally, new tiles will be included in the expansion game.

  • Royals (Inglés)


    In Royals, players take on the roles of the great noble houses of the 17th century, fighting for supremacy in Europe at that time. With the help of the right country cards, they occupy influential positions and obtain bonuses for this in the form of victory points. The higher the rank of the title associated with the position, the more country cards required. Already-occupied positions can be contested by playing intrigue cards.

  • Parfum (Inglés)

    Parfum (Inglés)

    Who will be the most successful perfumer? Parfum takes the players to the wonderful world of fragrances. 

  • FrachtExpress (Alemán)


    In FrachtExpress geht es um den Gütertransport auf Schienen.

  • A Castle for all Seasons (Inglés)

    A Castle for all Seasons 

    Amidst craggy mountains, the first silhouettes of a monumental castle arise. A line of traders twists its way to the gate; and the hustle and bustle attracts many people in the hope of getting wages and victuals. The area is crammed with market booths; the magnificent castle is being enlarged around them.

  • Legacy Testament of Duke de Crecy (Inglés)

    Legacy Testament of Duke de Crecy

    It is 1729 in pre-revolution France, a time when the aristocracy has all the power and the means to rule the country. As a wealthy, well-educated aristocrat, you have travelled the world and had the fortune to enjoy your life to the fullest – but you see that history is about to change course and you know that in order to stay strong, your family must prepare well. You need to find new allies. You must absorb smaller families and use their potency to strengthen your kin. You have to arrange wise marriages, nurture strong connections at court, obtain titles, build mansions, and find the right spouses for your daughters and sons...

  • Conquest at Kismet (Inglés)

    Conquest at Kismet (Inglés)

    "While I play many games weekly, there are only a few that really stand out as the week comes to a close. Conquest at Kismet is one of my new favorite games. Not only is it perfect for a person who loves strategy, but it isn’t over complicated.

  • Havana (Inglés)


    In order to make Cuba's capital city Havana gleam in renewed splendor, many magnificent buildings are being built.

    Players can get Pesos or building materials, hire workers, bring the architect into play, collect taxes, send out thieves, hinder the construction of buildings or simply have a siesta while being protected by their body guard.



    Reglas simples para un juego genial. El objetivo es conseguir siete fichas de cada color. En cada turno, el jugador debe decidir si asegurar lo que ya ha conseguido o arriesgarse a conseguir más… pero cuidado, porque ¡puede perderlo todo! Un juego tremendamente entretenido con unas reglas genialmente simples.

    • Precio rebajado
    • Envío Gratis (Península)*

    Airlines: Europe (Inglés)

    Airlines: Europe

    The age of passenger aviation has begun. Courageous entrepreneurs establish the first airlines and compete for the few available licenses in the European air space.

  • Core Worlds (Inglés)

    Core Worlds

    The ancient Galactic Realm, ruled from the Core Worlds of the galaxy, is waning. Now, the barbaric kingdoms that lie beyond the galactic frontier are amassing their strength, choosing this pivotal moment to strike at the heart of the fading republic, establishing new empires built upon the ashes of decaying civilizations. But these outer systems are not yet strong enough to engage the forces of the Core Worlds directly.

  • Djinn (Inglés)


    The treasures sparkle and glitter temptingly, so everyone wants to capture as much as possible from the treasure cave — but to do this the players must first find their way to the treasure! In the trick-taking card game Djinn, every captured trick shows the way to treasure, but the djinn can unexpectedly intervene in the action. Who can enter the famous treasure cave first?

  • Survive Space Attack! (Inglés)

    Survive Space Attack!

    Welcome to the height of technology and comfort, the Space Station Atlantis! All the comfort of a five star hotel, mixed with the adventure of space travel. The station is filled with staff, entertainers and guests trying to enjoy their out-of-this-world vacation. But all of a sudden, the Atlantis comes under attack by aliens!

  • Gangster City (Inglés)

    Gangster City

    Can you solve the cases presented to you in Gangster City, preferably before the other detectives do so and show you up?

    • Precio rebajado
    • Envío Gratis (Península)*

    Kraftwagen (Inglés)


    In Germany in 1888, Bertha Benz, wife of auto pioneer Carl Benz, undertook the first cross-country drive in an automobile. While making the trek from Mannheim to Pforzheim, her car ran out of fuel in Wiesloch. Mrs. Benz stopped into the city drugstore to obtain the appropriate chemicals to make more fuel, effectively creating the world´s first gas station.

    • Precio rebajado
    • Envío Gratis (Península)*

    Pyramid Arcade (Inglés)

    Pyramid Arcade 

    Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games for the Looney Pyramids.



    XENON Profiteer is a new deck-deconstruction strategy game from designer T.C. Petty III. In XENON Profiteer, you take the role of an entrepreneurial engineer striving to specialize and optimize your Air Separation Facility in order to emerge as a titan of the emerging market for Xenon.

  • Yspahan (Inglés)


    1598. Yspahan the fair becomes the capital of the Persian empire. Thus, being placed at the center of the world, the city enjoys a period of cultural and economic blossoming. The cities and villages of the region intend to take advantage of this expansion. 

  • Mercado (Alemán)


    Welcome to the market of beautiful things! As well-to-do citizens in Mercado, gamers wander around the stalls, always on the lookout for special items to enhance their reputation. Noble shawls, elegant jewelry, or golden trophies — with such a selection, the decision is difficult. 

  • Automobiles (Inglés)


    Automobiles is a deck‑building game in which the fun is cubed — because instead of using cards to build a deck, you build with your

  • BLACK BOX + (Inglés)

    BLACK BOX + 

    Black Box+ is a deluxe expanded edition of Black Box that includes the original square grid game as well as a challenging new hexagonal version. With the publication of Black Box+ Franjos celebrates their 20th anniversary as a game publisher, and 2007 also happens to be the 30th anniversary of Black Box.

  • Race to the New Found Land (Alemán)

    Race to the New Found Land

    Daring sailors explore the oceans and make a gigantic discovery: Newfoundland. The newly found land. A huge island off the coast of North America — and right away a competition among nations breaks out. As so often happens, everyone wants the biggest piece of land.

  • Suburbia 5 Star (Inglés)

    Suburbia 5 Star

    Now that your town is up and running and is acting like a proper township, it's time to start growing even more rapidly by turning your borough into a tourist destination. Build landmarks, monuments, and tourist traps to increase your reputation and income while determining the player order each turn. In addition, the metropolitan area has expanded, allowing up to five players to build the city of their holiday dreams simultaneously.

  • Nefertiti (Inglés)


    Akhenaton is the Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt, god among men, all powerful sovereign, who trembles before no one.

    There is, however, one mistake that even a king cannot afford to make, and that is forgetting his wedding anniversary, especially when his wife is the exquisite Nefertiti.

  • Alien Artifacts (Inglés)

    Alien Artifacts 

    Alien Artifacts is a 4X-style card game in which you play as an interplanetary faction, sending your research vessels into uncharted space to expand your knowledge and power. Build powerful ships, develop new technologies, and explore distant planets for anything — or anyone — you can exploit.

    • Precio rebajado
    • Envío Gratis (Península)*

    Alhambra BigBox Special Edition (Inglés)

    Alhambra BigBox Special Edition (Inglés)

    The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skill. Employ the most suitable teams of builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency.

  • Magnates La Lucha por el Poder + PROMO

    Magnates La Lucha por el Poder

    Magnates es un gran juego de estrategia, que provoca una constante interacción entre 2 a 5 jugadores, con un inmersivo transfondo histórico. Te introducirá en el mundo de las intrigas aristocráticas y luchas por el poder que rompieron la Commonwealth Polaco-Lituana



    Así que, ¡la isla existe!
    Los rumores que circulan por el continente americano acerca del tesoro del Dios Sol pueden estar fundados…
    Desembarca junto a tus compañeros de equipo en la isla salvaje de Sol. Explora cada uno de sus rincones y descubre todos sus



    Es una juego rápido del GIPF project: un juego de sacrificios tácticos

    Ambos jugadores juegan con 6 bolas blancas, 8 grises y 10 negras sobre una superficie de juego dinámica. El objetivo del juego es capturar ciertas combinaciones de bolas. A cada turno el área de juego se reduce, y cualquier turno puede decidir el resultado.

  • Emojito!


    Es un juego lleno de emociones.

    Los personajes, animales y objetos que aparecen en las 100 cartas expresan gran variedad de sentimientos. Deberás imitar estos sentimientos o adivinarlos correctamente. ¿Parece fácil? ¡Te sorprenderás! ¡Juega a EMOJITO! con tus amigos y tu familia y deja que tus emociones fluyan!

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