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  • Marca: Queen Games
  • Merlin Expansion: Arthur (Inglés)

    Merlin Expansion: Arthur 

    King Arthur has decided to join in the search to find a worthy successor to his throne. King Arthur will use his tactics to help knights gain more points and rewards throughout the game.

  • Copenhagen (Inglés)


    The Danish city of Copenhagen is traversed by canals and harbors, and part of it — "Nyhavn" (New Harbor) — is famous for the colorful gabled houses along the water.

  • Kobold (Ingles/multi-idioma)


    The players assume the roles of little kobolds and pilfer toys and gems from Maurice's room. They try to grab as many toys as possible, whereas the gems must be collected as sets, each set comprised of one gem of each of the four colors. The kobold who has gained the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

  • Kingdom Builder - Nomads...

    Kingdom Builder - Nomads

    Incluye 40 asentamientos nuevos para el quinto jugador. Los nómadas que atraviesen el reino aportan nuevas habilidades especiales. Cuatro paisajes inéditos con interesantes lugares ofrecen múltiples variaciones en el juego. El nuevo tipo de cartas de Kingdom Bulider permitirá a los jugadores hacerse con oro e interaccionar aún más entre sí durante la partida.

  • Kingdom Builder - Crossroads...

    Kingdom Builder - Crossroads

    ¡Con nuevos objetivos y lugares donde asentarse para erigir el reino!

    Cuatro paisajes con sus dos casillas de lugar correspondientes permitirán bosquejas el reino de distintas formas. Las cartas de tarea desafían a los jugadores a construir sus asentamientos de una determinada manera para conseguir más pepitas de oro.

  • Kingdom Builder - Marshlands...

    Kingdom Builder - Marshlands 

    La tercera expansión del Kingdom Builder ofrece nuevos desafíos a los jugadores. Las nuevas acciones especiales, otorgan a los jugadores más posibilidades de dar forma a su reino. Los pantanos, un nuevo territorio, te ofrecen más posibilidades para construir tu asentamiento una vez hayas robado las nuevas cartas de terreno.

  • Kingdom Builder - Harvest...

    Kingdom Builder - Harvest 

    Los 4 cuadrantes nuevos con dos localizaciones nuevas cada uno te ofrecen múltiples posibilidades para manipular tus asentamientos. Las seis nuevas catas Kingdom Builder presentan nuevas combinaciones de puntuación durante la partida. 

  • Queen's Architect (Inglés)

    Queen's Architect (Inglés)

    You’re in demand all over the realm!

    Villages, monasteries and towns need your help to construct important buildings and establishments. Assume the role of an architect and assemble a competent band of craftsmen. Raise buildings and assist the people with small repairs or farmwork. The Queen will reward you with her appreciation and with coins.

  • 12 Thieves (Inglés)

    12 Thieves (Inglés)

    Dusk is slowly descending upon the desert city.

    Now is the time for the players to send out their 12 thieves and compete to steal the most treasures from the palaces. The Maharajahs think they can prevent the robbery with their guards, but the guards can be bribed and used to help the players for their own purpose ...

  • Alhambra BigBox Special Edition (Inglés)

    Alhambra BigBox Special Edition (Inglés)

    The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skill. Employ the most suitable teams of builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency.

  • Escape: Zombie City – Big Box (Inglés)

    Escape: Zombie City – Big Box (Inglés)

    Escape Zombie City is a real-time board game that is not played in game rounds!

    You and your fellow players have only 15 minutes to escape from town before you’re overrun by the zombies!

    You are survivors of the zombie apocalypse and are trying to escape the zombie hordes that are devastating one city after another.

  • Pioneers (Inglés)

    Pioneers (Inglés)

    In a game of Pioneers, the players attempt to populate the cities shown on the game board with their pioneers, using coaches to transport them around the map.

  • Risky Adventure (Inglés)

    Risky Adventure (Inglés)

    Players embark on expeditions and try to find rare artefacts in an undiscovered world. Each player assumes the role of three adventurers trying to roll the right dice combination to get equipment, artefacts and to find new and mysterious places.

  • Captain Silver (Ingles)

    Captain Silver (Ingles)

    Pirates ahoy! Captain Silver has a piratetastic challenge for you: Feel and grab the right pirate object out of your pirate bag.

  • Push-a-Monster (Alemán)

    Push-a-Monster (Alemán)

    Endlich dürfen sie nach allen Regeln der Monsterkunst die anderen Monster ärgern: Da wird gedrückt, geschoben, gezerrt und manchmal sogar ein wenig gequetscht – ein monstermäßiger Spaß für alle!

  • Super-Vampire (Inglés)

    Super-Vampires (Inglés)

    The evildoer Dr. Garlic has set his evil plan in motion to put garlic everywhere in the freshly cleaned crypt! That means it is time to hurry and get rid of all the garlic before sunrise.

  • Worm Party (Inglés)

    Worm Party (Inglés)

    Chicken Charly does not waste a second and dashes away in his best chicken gallop. “What a bad joke if I wouldn’t catch a delicious worm now!” he cackles excitedly.

  • Dragon Valley (Inglés)

    Dragon Valley

    Dragon Valley is an engaging game for the whole family for players age 6 and up.

  • Kingdom Builder (Inglés)

    Kingdom Builder (Inglés)

    Each game, players will use a random set of Kingdom Builder cards , special actions, and terrain sectors to build the map, ensuring you won’t play the same game twice!

  • World Monuments (Inglés)

    World Monuments (Inglés)

    In each game you and your fellow players choose one of four buildings and start constructing it from the ground up

  • Chef Alfredo (Inglés)

    Chef Alfredo

    Chefkoch Alfredo ist verzweifelt: in welchem Topf kocht eigentlich welche Suppe? Könnt ihr ihm helfen, die Möhren, den Knoblauch, die Bohnen und die Tomaten in die richtigen Töpfe zu verteilen.

  • Spooky Castle (Inglés)

    Spooky Castle (Inglés)

    Alternatingly, you assume the role of Spooky. To do so, the player gets blindfolded by putting on the Spooky-mask, and pokes around in Spooky Castle with the magnetic bar. The fellow players give useful instructions, thus seeing him through the castle in search of the magic items inside.

  • Orcs Orcs Orcs (Inglés)

     Orcs Orcs Orcs (Inglés)

    Orcs Orcs Orcs is a game for two to four players that combines two excellent game mechanics that have not been paired before (deck building and tower defense) and has players casting spells, squashing orcs and rolling up the score in the Orc Squash Tournament.

  • Parfum (Inglés)

    Parfum (Inglés)

    Who will be the most successful perfumer? Parfum takes the players to the wonderful world of fragrances. 

  • Merlin (Inglés)


    King Arthur is looking for a worthy successor to his throne. Together with Merlin, he seeks the best candidate from among the Knights of the Round Table. Each player assumes the role of a Knight of the Round Table and attempts to win King Arthur’s favor.

  • Alhambra (Español/multi-idioma)


    Los mejores constructores de toda Europa y los países árabes quieren dar pruebas de su habilidad artística. Forme usted la mejor plantilla de trabajadores de la construcción y asegúrese de tener siempre disponible la suficiente divisa correspondiente.

  • Chicago Express (Español/multi-idioma)

    Chicago Express

    La expansión industrial de Estados Unidos de América hubiese sido imposible sin el ferrocarril. Su inmenso territorio sólo pudo ser urbanizado porque el material necesario era transportado por ferrocarril a través de larguísimos recorridos. De este modo, el desarrollo de América del Norte estuvo acompañado por la ampliación de la red ferroviaria de distintas empresas.

  • Lancaster (Español/multi-idioma)


    Año 1413: El nuevo rey de Inglaterra, Enrique V, de la Casa Lancaster, tiene ambiciosos planes: la unificación de Inglaterra y la conquista de la corona francesa. Cada jugador moverá los hilos de su propia familia nobiliaria.

    ¿Quién se convertirá en el verdadero apoyo del joven Rey y en el Lord más poderoso de su tiempo?

  • Luxor (Alemán)

    Luxor (Alemán)

    On the hunt for priceless treasures, groups of adventurers explore the legendary temple at Luxor.

  • ESCAPE - The curse of the temple (Inglés)

    ESCAPE - The curse of the temple (Inglés)

    You are a team of adventurers – trapped in a cursed temple.

    Together you must activate the magic gems in the temple chambers in order to banish the curse. Look out for one another. Some tasks can be accomplished only as a team – and you have only 10 minutes before the temple collapses!

  • EDO


    Japón, 1603 - 1868: El emperador no se encuentra en una situación de poder. Es el shogunato del clan Tokugawa quien gobierna en su lugar con mano firme y quien mantiene la paz entre los daimyos. Edo, un pueblo pesquero, es ahora la nueva sede del gobierno y, en apenas tiempo, se convierte en la ciudad más importante de todo Japón, la actual Tokio.

  • Fresco (español/multi-idioma)


    The bishop awaits very high-ranking visitors, but unfortunately the large fresco - the painting at the ceiling of the cathedral - is in urgent need of being restored. The most renowned fresco painters of the renais sance are hired and now have to prove their skillful mastership.

    Which painter will succeed in restoring the fresco to its former glory?

  • GLÜX (Inglés)

    GLÜX (Inglés)

    Glüx is a family game all about illuminating rooms. Every player tries to play the brightest light tokens in different areas on the board, thus gaining the majority in those areas. Who can place their light tokens in the cleverest way and illuminate the most areas?

  • METRO (Inglés)

    METRO (Inglés)

    Preparation for the 1900 World's Fair are in full swing throughout the city.

    Everywhere scaffolding are being erected and tunnels are being constructed on the streets to be sunken later.

    The construction of the Paris Metro system is underway!

  • Treasure Hunter ( Inglés)

    Treasure Hunter ( Inglés)

    The players are treasure hunters on a quest for legendary treasures. Their journey leads them to three locations: up to the icy peaks of the Frosty Mountain, into the thicket of the Tangled Jungle, and down to the depths of the Lava Cave.

  • Alhambra Big Box (inglés)

    Alhambra Big Box (inglés)

    The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skill. Employ the most suitable teams of builders and make sure that you always have enough of the right currency. 

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    Escape - The Curse of the Temple - Big Box...

    Escape - The Curse of the Temple - Big Box (Inglés)

    Escape is a real-time board game. Instead of playing the game in rounds, each player rolls his five dice as quickly and as often as he can without waiting for his teammates!

    Players have only ten minutes to escape from the collapsing temple, so don’t dawdle. Every second you delay brings you a step closer to being entombed.

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    Fresco Big Box (Inglés)

    Fresco Big Box (Inglés)

    The bishop awaits very high-ranking visitors, but unfortunately the large fresco - the painting at the ceiling of the cathedral - is in urgent need of being restored. The most renowned fresco painters of the renais sance are hired and now have to prove their skillful mastership.

    Which painter will succeed in restoring the fresco to its former glory?

  • Kingdom Builder: Big Box 2nd Edition (Inglés)

    Kingdom Builder: Big Box 2nd Edition (Inglés)

    By skillful building of settlements players create their own kingdoms, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game.

    The 3 Kingdom Builder cards specify the conditions which must be met in order to earn the desired gold.

  • Lancaster: Big Box (Inglés)

    Lancaster: Big Box (Inglés)

    In the year of 1413 - the new King of England, Henry V of Lancaster, pursues ambitious plans: the unification of England and the conquest of the French Crown! Each player is the leader of their own aspiring noble family. Who will become a true supporter of the young King and thus the most powerful Lord of their time?

  • THEBES (Inglés)

    THEBES (Inglés)

    The players acquire knowledge and other kinds of support in their travels, which they will use when they travel to excavation sites.

    Players earn victory points for finding artifacts and hosting exhibitions, but need skillful tactics and a little luck to find tre success!