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  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Galaxy Trucker (Inglés)

    Galaxy Trucker (Inglés)

    Construye un carguero espacial en tu tablero con las piezas disponibles y ¡hazlo bien! porque tendrás que superar en tu viaje muchos peligros. Coloca escudos, motores, láser de la mejor forma posible y reza para que tu nave no se desmorone en el espacio por una lluvia de meteoritos o un ataque de piratas.

  • Gearworld (ingles)


    Gearworld: The Borderlands es un juego de conquista y supervivencia en un mundo post-apocalíptico para 2-4 jugadores que deben reunir los recursos y utilizarlos sabiamente. Los jugadores necesitan esos recursos con el fin de fortalecer su poderío militar, para mejorar sus capacidades de transporte, y para alcanzar la meta final de la construcción de las Skyworks

  • Polis


    Cada jugador se pondrá en el papel de Atenas o Esparta, expandiendo el poder de ambas, consiguiendo que otras polis se unan a tu causa por medio de la diplomacia o por la fuerza, administrando tu creciente liga de polis de manera razonable. Juego en inglés sin dependencia del idioma

  • Madeira (inglés)


    is an island officially discovered early in the 15th century by Portuguese seafarers. Madeira, the Portuguese word for wood, refers to the dense forest that covered its wild, fertile landscape. This, and its strategic position far into the Atlantic Ocean made the island one of the most significant Portuguese discoveries.

  • ZhanGuo (inglés)

    ZhanGuo (inglés)

    Between 230 and 221 B.C., the ambitious and extremely young king of Qin, Ying Zheng, unified China, adding all the other so-called Warring States (ZhanGuo) to his empire. Through this, Ying Zheng became the first emperor in Chinese history, taking the title of Qin Shi Huang Di.

  • Vasco da Gama (inglés)

    Vasco da Gama (inglés)

    Recruit workers, buy projects, build ships. And use the ships to open new commercial routes to eastern Africa and India, to earn money and glory.

  • Signorie (inglés)

    Signorie (inglés)

    Italy during the 15th century was a country full of intrigue and magnificence. The tumultuous political conditions created the perfect breeding ground for the birth of a new form of government (called Signoria) and the rise of the most ambitious noble families.

  • Nippon (inglés)

    Nippon (inglés)

    Japan during the Meiji period—a closed, isolated, and feudal country—decides to change into a modern westernized state. The Empire sends emissaries to foreign nations, brings technicians and scholars from the west, builds a network of railroads, and achieves an outstandingly fast industrial revolution.

  • Asgard (inglés)

    Asgard (inglés)

    All Gods know what this means for them. Blood ties will no longer be respected, brother will fight against brother, and no man will spare another. Odin, Freyja, Týr, Loki, Hel, Thor, and Baldr forge their plans and promise great rewards to the ones who will help them prevail. Eventually Fenrir, Mímir, and Surtr will join the battle.

  • Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King (inglés)

    Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King (inglés)

    In the tile-laying game Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King, 2-5 players are chieftains of famous clans and want to build their kingdoms to score as many points as possible — but in each game only four of the sixteen scoring tiles will be scored.

  • Murano (inglés)

    Murano (inglés)

    The game is set in Murano, with Murano being a small group of seven islands near Venice that's well-known by tourists for its glassmaking. As in Venice, the islands of Murano are separated by canals, so gondolas and transportation are at the heart of this game.

  • Walnut Grove (inglés)

    Walnut Grove

     is a cross between jigsaw puzzles and worker placement, with the players as farmers who find their plots merging into a single landscape as time passes and their holdings grow. Come fall they must head to the city with their goods as winter will soon return.

  • A house divided 4th edition (inglés)

    A house divided 4th edition (inglés)

    A House Divided simulates the epic struggle of the American Civil War that was fought over the twin issues of slavery and state's rights. The period from 1840 to 1861 saw these issues brought to a boil, and in 1861 the nation became tangled in a terrible war that lasted four long years.

  • Lords of Vegas (inglés)

    Lords of Vegas (inglés)

    You and your opponents represent powerful developers in a burgeoning Nevada city. You will earn money and prestige by building the biggest and most profitable casinos on "The Strip," the town's backbone of dust and sin. You start with nothing but parking lots and dreams, but from there you build, sprawl, reorganize and gamble your way to victory

  • Robo Rally (Inglés)

    Robo Rally (Inglés)


    Robo Rally. En los límites de la galaxia se encuentra una peculiar y completamente automatizada fábrica. Como uno de los ocho superordenadore
    s de la fábrica, tienes mucha responsabilidad, y sobre todo mucho tiempo libre...
  • Yedo (Inglés)

    Yedo (Inglés)

    Japón, 1605 – Hidetaka Tokugawa sucede a su padre como el nuevo Shogun. Gobierna el país desde Edo (t.c.c Yedo), la ciudad actualmente conocida como Tokyo. Éste momento marca el comienzo de la edad dorada del Shogunato Tokugawa y el llamado Período Edo que durará hasta 1868.

  • Revolver 2 (Inglés)

    Revolver 2 (Inglés)

    In 1894, farmers from the small village of Malpaso face the prospect of again losing their livelihood to a band of roving thieves, led by the self-styled General Mapache - himself wanted by the Mexican National Defense Army. Their solution is to go to the much admired, but fallen from grace, ‘Padre’ Esteban, and see if he can hire gunfighters to protect them.

  • Rattus Cartus (Inglés)

    Rattus Cartus (Inglés)

    La Peste Negra arrasa Europa. El soberano de tu tierra natal acaba de sucumbir a la plaga y ahora los jugadores, príncipes del reino, tienen que competir unos contra otros en una lucha por la sucesión. Para ello deben recorrer sus dominios para reclutar seguidores entre los diferentes estratos de la sociedad de la Edad Media. 

  • Nieuw Amsterdam (Inglés)

    Nieuw Amsterdam (Inglés)

    In Nieuw Amsterdam, players take on the roles of the patroons, earning points for the lands they settle, the buildings they contribute to the city of Nieuw Amsterdam, and the furs they ship back to the Old World. Players will engage in tense auctions for the ability to take City actions (building businesses and holding elections), Land actions and Trade actions.

  • Daxu (Inglés)

    Daxu (Inglés)

    Being a shopkeeper in a small town is a business of balance. The goal is never to stomp out your competition - in fact, doing so can be quite damaging to your reputation. You must find a way to grow your shops without running the shops acroos the town into the ground. Know when to cooperate and when to be cutthroat and you will emerge as the finest shopkeeper!

  • Hong (Inglés)

    Hong (Inglés)

    In a mystic land far away an empire is attacked by a fearless dragon master who is trying to conquer the empire by sending two headed dragons (Hongs) to defeat the emperor. As long as the dragons don't come in big numbers the emperor will be able to defend it, but the dragon master knows that a lot of small dragons can be the doom of the empire.

  • Between Two Cities (Inglés)

    Between Two Cities

    Between Two Cities is a tile-drafting game in whichh each tile os part of a city. You work with the player on your left to buildd one city center whilee simulateaneously working with the player on your right to build a secondd city center.

  • Jamaica (Inglés)


    In February 1678, after a long career of piracy, Henry Morgan cleverly managed to get himself named Governor of Jamaica, charged with driving out pirates and buccaneers! Rather than doing that, he invited all his former “associates” and brothers-in-arms to settle there, where they were able to finally enjoy the fruits of their activities with total impunity.

    All aboard!

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    Hammer of the Scots (Inglés)

    Hammer of the Scots brings the rebellion of the Braveheart, William Wallace, to life. As the English player, you seek to pacify Scotland by controlling all the important noble lords. The Scottish player also seeks the allegiance of nobles to support a difficult struggle for freedom.

  • Patrician (Inglés)

    Patrician (Inglés)

    Throughout the Middle Ages, wealthy and influential men and women across Italy wished to prove their importance. They desired a solid, visible symbol of their power and prosperity. So, they built magnificent tower-like buildings: the more influential the family, the taller the towers! 

  • Agrícola Hobby 2016 (Inglés)

    Agrícola Hobby 2016 (Inglés)

    Mayfair y Lookout Games han sacado una nueva edición de Agrícola en 2016. Han dividido el juego base en tres, el Agrícola Hobby, el Agrícola Familiar (una versión familiar para no jugones) y la expansión de 5-6 jugadores. 

  • Luna (Inglés)

    Luna (Inglés)

    "The end of her regency is nigh. It's time to clear the way for a new bearer of the burden. She will keep a wary eye on the novices representing their Orders and trying to win her favor. Eventually, she will have to come to a decision. Which Order will prove itself worthy to decide on her successor? There will be a new Moon Priestess and she will bear the title: LUNA."

  • Terror in Meeple City (Inglés)

    Terror in Meeple City (Inglés)

    In Terror in Meeple City (formerly known as Rampage), you arrive in Meeple City as a gigantic, famished, scaly-skinned monster! Your goal: Dig your claws and dirty paws into the asphalt, destroy buildings, and devour innocent meeples – in short: sow terror while having fun. The monster who has caused the most damage after the carnage finally ends wins the game.

  • Five Tribes (Inglés)

    Five Tribes (Inglés)

    Crossing into the Land of 1001 Nights, your caravan arrives at the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. The old sultan just died and control of Naqala is up for grabs! The oracles foretold of strangers who would maneuver the Five Tribes to gain influence over the legendary city-state. Will you fulfill the prophecy?

    • ¡En oferta!
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    Force of Will Battle for Attoractia...

    Force of Will Battle for Attoractia (Inglés) (Caja de 36 sobres + promos)

    "BATALLA POR ATTORACTIA" Capítulo IV - Alicia

    El Viaje del Destino

    ¡El enfrentamiento de Alicia con Lapis por el destino de Attoractia, el Mundo de los Siete Reyes, alcanza su climax! Sin embargo, ¿habrá doblegado realmente su sombra interior?

  • Kamisado MAX (Inglés)

    Kamisado MAX (Inglés)

    Kamisado now with even more tactics: in the Megasado version, each opponent receives two new towers and new rules of movement. A must-have for Kamisado experts!

    •  The classic game with bonus towers
    •  More strategy
    •  Can also be played as the basic classic game
    •  Rules in German, English, French, Dutch, Turkish
  • Francis Drake Expansion (Inglés)

    Francis Drake Expansion (Inglés)

    Francis drake for more or fewer players: With this expansion, now only two and up to six players can also join the buccaneer on his booty raids. In addition, the two mini-expansions "Spain's Revenge" and "Montezuma's Legacy" are enclosed. Thanks to slight rule variations, they add a completely new feel of play to the basic game.

  • Roads to Stalingrad - Campaign Commander...

    Roads to Stalingrad - Campaign Commander Series (Inglés)

    "Roads to Stalingrad" es el primer volumen de la Serie “Campaign Commander” y refleja la campaña del sur de Rusia entre el verano de 1942 y finales del invierno de 1943. Después del terrible primer invierno en Rusia las tropas alemanas se reorganizaron y prepararon para lanzar una ofensiva que pusiera fin a la guerra. 

  • Age of Muskets Volume I: Tomb for an...

    Age of Muskets Volume I: Tomb for an Empire (Inglés)

    "Tomb for an Empire" refleja la lucha que tuvo lugar en la Península Ibérica desde 1808 hasta 1814. Fue una guerra muy compleja puesto que en ella se vieron envueltas tropas e intereses de naciones muy diversas.

  • Food Chain Magnate (Inglés)

    Food Chain Magnate (Inglés)

    En Food Chain Magnate cada jugador empezará con un restaurante de comida rápida con el firme propósito de ganar la mayor cantidad de dinero. Para ello y mediante un sistema de gestión de mano los jugadores tendrán que ir incorporando personal para que realicen múltiples tareas, desde camareras, repartidores de bebidas, publicistas y  cocineros.

  • Tokaido: Matsuri (Inglés)

    Tokaido: Matsuri 

    Matsuri is an expansion that will bring new cards and tokens to the game. With this expansion, the players will live the Japanese feasts and festivals. These cards will modify the way each section of the road will be played. This won't transform the game but it will add even more depth and strategy to it in the same way that Crossroads did. 

  • Master Print Haspelknecht (Inglés)

    Master Print Haspelknecht (Inglés)

    The game about early mining digging in the Ruhr region in midst 17th century.

    A long time ago, in the Ruhr valley, a boy made a woodfire in a pit to have some warmth overnight. The next day the fire is still burning! There must be something that burns a lot better than the wood he collected!

  • Master Print: Vanuatu (2nd edition) (Inglés)

    Master Print: Vanuatu (2nd edition) (Inglés)

    The archipelago of Vanuatu, located 1750 kilometers east of Australia. An area of white sand beaches, coconut trees, an azure blue Ocean ... and meagre resources. Besides Fish and a few long-forgotten shipwrecks sunk off their coasts, the islands are not very rich and their resources are at risk of depletion

  • Master Print: Trajan (Inglés)

    Master Print: Trajan (Inglés)

    Set in ancient Rome, Trajan is a development game in which players try to increase their influence and power in various areas of Roman life such as political influence, trading, military dominion and other important parts of Roman culture.

    The central mechanism of the game uses a system similar to that in Mancala games.

  • Master Print: Papà Paolo (Inglés)

    Master Print: Papà Paolo (Inglés)

    Papà Paolo brings you to the beautiful city of Naples, birthplace of one of the world's favorite dishes: pizza. In Papà Paolo, 2 to 4 players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. To do this, you must outsmart your rivals by being a clever investor, bidding on the right city tiles, and creating your own little district of Naples.

  • ULM (Inglés)

    Ulm at its heyday

    The construction of the Ulm Minster has not yet been completed, but the city is already wealthy and prestigious. Players try to expand their spheres of influence and to make optimal use of the hustle and bustle on the market place around the cathedral.

    • A strategy game suitable for families
    • Innovative moving mechanism
    • Box and rules in German, English and French
  • Touria (Inglés)

    Touria (Inglés)

    Princess Tara has decided to marry but not just anyone, of course. She expects a lot from her husband-to-be: Heroic deeds and precious gifts are a must.

  • HIRÞ - The Viking Game of Royal Combat...

    HIRÞ - The Viking Game of Royal Combat (Inglés)

    HIRÞ game created with the look and feel as having been created and played in the Viking Era of a 1000 years ago. A 2-player game with years of development. 99% of playtesters said they would play again & liked the intricate combinations of tactics possible with 3 different pieces.

  • Pax Renaissance - Banking in Europe...

    Pax Renaissance 

    Is a cardgame (English language) for 2 to 4 players who play as bankers in Europe, 1460-1530. As a Renaissance banker, you will finance kings or republics, sponsor voyages of discovery, join secret cabals, or unleash jihads and inquisitions. Your choices determine if Europe is elevated into the bright modern era or remains festering in dark feudalism.

  • Pax Renaissance Expansion (Inglés)

    Pax Renaissance Expansion 

    Introduces new abilities, new “Renaissance Man” card type, and two new one-shots: Apostasy & Victory Inactivation.

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    Secret Weapons of the Third Reich (Inglés)

    Secret Weapons of the Third Reich (Inglés)

    La gran mayoría de los austriacos animan el Anschluss de su país por el Reich alemán. Europa central está cayendo en manos de los nazis y todos los mejores científicos europeos pronto van competir bajo los auspicios de Heinrich Himmler.


  • Medici (inglés)

    Medici (inglés)

    Medici es un juego de subastas de Reiner Knizia. Una redición de Grail Games del juego de 1995, con una ilustraciones nuevas de Vincent Dutrait.

    Considerado un clásico de los juegos de mesa, esta nueva edición de Grail Games es una nueva tercera edición en inglés.

    Un juego de 2 a 6 jugadores, que dura 60 minutos como máximo

  • Pungi


    Snake-catching made easy! In this card game, everybody knows what kinds of animals each player has in his hand, but they don't know the number values. The rewards you can earn are displayed in the middle of the table. Is it a good idea to go catching snakes together with another player – or is it better to try it alone?

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