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  • Idioma: Alemán
  • Arena: For The Gods! (Inglés)

    Arena: For The Gods!

    Welcome to the Arena of the all-powerful, where only the greatest mythological heroes fight to please the Gods. With Arena, dive into a universe in which heroes from 6 different mythos fight together for the entertainment of their Gods. Handpicked by a divine hand for a battle to the death, you're assuming the role of a powerful fighter

  • Skull King (Alemán)

    Skull King

    Grandpa Beck's Scheming and Skulking, a.k.a. Skull King, is a trick-taking game similar to Oh Hell!Wizard and Spades, with players needing to state how many tricks they think they'll win each round. Special cards can throw off your best efforts, however, so watch how others bid and play carefully.

  • Doppelt so clever ( Twice As Clever) (Alemán)

    Doppelt so clever ( Twice As Clever)

    Doppelt so clever follows the model of 2018's Ganz schön clever. Each turn the active player rolls six dice, chooses one of them to mark off a space on their scoring grid, places any dice with lower numbers on the side, then re-rolls any remaining dice. The white die is a joker and can be used as any one of the other five colors. After the active player chooses at most three dice, then the other players chooses one of the set-aside dice for use on their scoring sheet.

  • El Dorado (Alemán)

    El Dorado

    In The Quest for El Dorado, players take the roles of expedition leaders who have embarked on a search for the legendary land of gold in the dense jungles of South America. Each player assembles and equips their own team, hiring various helpers from the scout to the scientist to the aborigine. All of them have one goal in mind: Reaching the golden border first and winning all of the riches for themselves. Whoever chooses the best tactics will be rewarded!

  • Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal (Alemán)

    Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal 

    In the village of Tiefenthal lies "The Tavern of the Deep Valley". There, all citizens from the area gather, but it's important to attract new, wealthy guests for only then is there enough money to expand the tavern, which will then lure nobles into the tavern as well. But which tavern expansion is best? Should you focus on money? Or rather ensure that the beer will keep flowing?

  • Push-a-Monster (Alemán)

    Push-a-Monster (Alemán)

    Endlich dürfen sie nach allen Regeln der Monsterkunst die anderen Monster ärgern: Da wird gedrückt, geschoben, gezerrt und manchmal sogar ein wenig gequetscht – ein monstermäßiger Spaß für alle!

  • Reworld (Alemán)


    In Reworld, players attempt to terraform a newly discovered planet, and to do that they need to use terrabots to establish new cities and shuttles to deliver materials that will populate those locations.

  • Mercado (Alemán)


    Welcome to the market of beautiful things! As well-to-do citizens in Mercado, gamers wander around the stalls, always on the lookout for special items to enhance their reputation. Noble shawls, elegant jewelry, or golden trophies — with such a selection, the decision is difficult. 

  • Race to the New Found Land (Alemán)

    Race to the New Found Land

    Daring sailors explore the oceans and make a gigantic discovery: Newfoundland. The newly found land. A huge island off the coast of North America — and right away a competition among nations breaks out. As so often happens, everyone wants the biggest piece of land.

  • Hanabi Extra (Alemán)

    Hanabi Extra (Alemán)


    Llega, de la mano del laureado Antoine Bauza Hanabi Extra: ¡un sorprendente, increíble  e innovador reto!

    En este juego cooperativo único, los jugadores trabajan codo con codo para crear un magnífico espectáculo pirotécnico.

  • Yunnan (Alemán)

    Yunnan (Alemán)

    Home of the delicious Pu'er tea. For more than 1000 years, the tea dynasties are providing this sought-after good via their horse caravans to faraway Tibet.

  • Terra Mystica: Big Box (Alemán)

    Terra Mystica: Big Box (Alemán)


    In the land of Terra Mystica dwell 14 different peoples in seven landscapes, and each group is bound to its own home environment, so to develop and grow, they must terraform neighboring landscapes into their home environments in competition with the other groups

  • Heaven & Ale (Alemán)

    Heaven & Ale

    You have been assigned to lead an ancient monastery and its brewery. Now it's your time to brew the best beer under God's blue sky!

  • Captain Sonar (Alemán)

    Captain Sonar

    At the bottom of the ocean, no one will hear you scream!

    In Captain Sonar, you and your teammates control a state-of-the-art submarine and are trying to locate an enemy submarine in order to blow it out of the water before they can do the same to you. Every role is important, and the confrontation is merciless.

  • Rising 5 (Alemán)

    Rising 5

    A long, long time ago, the ancient King of Asteros confined the brutal monsters in the Rune Gate and sealed it with four divine runes. But five days ago, a mysterious evil power opened the gate and changed the code. Asteros is haunted by fear and disasters again! The wise leader ORAKL asked the Council of United Planets and they sent four famous agents: EKHO, HAL, ELLI and NOVA.

  • Captain Sonar (Inglés)

    Captain Sonar

    Captain Sonar is a teamwork game where cooperation will be crucial!

  • Luxor (Alemán)

    Luxor (Alemán)

    On the hunt for priceless treasures, groups of adventurers explore the legendary temple at Luxor.

  • Glass Road (Alemán)

    Glass Road (Alemán)

    Glass Road leads you into the Bavarian Forest of the 18th century. With two Production wheels at your disposal, you will be tasked with the production of glass and bricks as well as managing other resources. You will need to develop your very own landscape and build upon it a variety of buildings that will grant you many benefits.

  • Great Western Trail: Rails to the North...

    Great Western Trail: Rails to the North

    Great Western Trail: Rails to the North introduces a new railway system for players to compete on as they grow their cow herding businesses.

  • Navegador (Inglés)

    Navegador (Inglés)

    This game is inspired by the Portuguese Age of Discoveries in the 15th-16th century. Players take actions such as contracting men, acquiring ships and buildings, sailing the seas, establishing colonies in discovered lands, trading goods on the market, and getting privileges.

  • DIE STAUFER (Alemán)

    DIE STAUFER (Alemán)


    En Die Staufer los jugadores son nobles del siglo 12 que acompañan a Enrique VI en su recorrido por las áreas de Europa bajo el control de la familia Staufer. Los jugadores buscarán mejorar su suerte mediante la colocación de sus enviados y de sus nobles en posiciones de poder en las seis regiones representadas en el juego.

  • Klassiker für Zwei: Kahuna (Alemán)

    Klassiker für Zwei: Kahuna 

    Zwei Kahuna-Priester kämpfen um die Vorherrschaft auf einem Archipel mit zwölf Inseln. Gespannt lauern beide, welche Karten ihnen das Schicksal nach und nach in die Hände spielt. Dann aber spinnen sie ihre Fäden, strecken ihre Finger mit einem Schlag nach einer, zwei oder gar noch mehr Inseln aus. Hin- und hergerissen von Südsee-Zauberkräften wird bald schon klar: Ohne Taktik hilft die beste Magie nichts.

  • Animal sobre Animal Mini (Alemán)

    Animal sobre Animal Mini (Alemán)

    A los animales les encanta ejecutar su número más espectacular: ¡la gran pirámide!

    ¡Ay, ay, ay! ¡Esta pirámide de animales es un asunto realmente muy tambaleante! Ganará este duelo únicamente el jugador que sepa apilar los animales hábilmente y con mucho tacto en la punta de los dedos. Un tambaleante juego de apilar para 2 jugadores de 5 - 99 años.

  • Bohnanza - The Duel (Alemán)

    Bohnanza - The Duel 

    What was that thing about the gift horse? In this two-player variant of Bohnanza, both bean farmers give each other gifts of beans they can‘t use themselves – to make life harder for their opponent, if possible. Trying to fulfill their secret “bo(h)nus” requirements, they both need to keep a vigilant eye on the other player’s bean fields.

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