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    Pax Romana 2nd Edition (INGLES)

    Pax Romana 2nd Edition

    How did Rome get to be Rome? Why did the Glory That Was Greece fade? What stopped Carthage from making an empire of the Mediterranean?

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    Cataclysm: A Second World War (Inglés)

    Cataclysm: A Second World War

    It is the 1930s and the world is still recovering from the Great War and the Great Depression that followed it. A second world war can break out at any time. Can you stop it? Will you start it? Better yet, can you win it?

    Cataclysm is not your typical game about World War II. The game begins in 1933, not 1939, and is global in scope. Germany is far from dominating Europe. Japan is on the march in Asia. Every crisis is an unexpected opportunity. There is no hindsight and anything can happen.

  • Korea: Fire and Ice (Inglés)

    Command & Colors: Tricorne

    Commands & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution is not overly complex. The game isbased on the highly successful Commands & Colors game system, where the Command cardsdrive movement while creating a “fog of war” and the battle dice resolve combat quickly andefficiently. Commands & Colors Tricorne - The American Revolution, however, introducesmany new game concepts, which will add historical depth and provide even the most veteranCommands & Colors player many new play experiences and challenges.

  • The Fall of the Third Reich (Inglés)

    Saipan – The Bloody Rock

    Empires have risen and fallen in the aftermath of the Great War, and Europa stands on the precipice of a new era. The economy is robust, morale is high, and defenses are strong.

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    Enemy Action: Ardennes (Inglés)

    Enemy Action: Ardennes

    "Enemy Action: Ardennes is the first in a series of card-driven war games on pivotal operations and campaigns in World War II, from John Butterfield, designer of RAF, D-Day at Omaha Beach, Ambush! and Hell’s Highway. Each game in the series allows for play by two players or one player, playing either side in the conflict.

  • Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War...

    Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 Deluxe

    Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 DELUXE! is a two-player card driven strategic board game wherein the players assume the roles of the RED (Communist Forces) and the WHITE (reactionary forces). This epic conflict resulted in the toppling of three centuries of Romanov rule and its replacement by a totalitarian communist ideology. Set against a backdrop of the vast and spectacular Russian countryside, only the Russian winter could surpass the brutality of the fighting.