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Información de la tienda

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Juegos de la marca Quined Games

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    Carnegie Deluxe Edition (ES)

    Carnegie se inspiró en la vida de Andrew Carnegie, quien nació en Escocia en 1835. Andrew Carnegie y sus padres emigraron a los Estados Unidos en 1848. Aunque comenzó su carrera como telegrafista, su papel como uno de los principales actores en el ascenso de la industria siderúrgica de los Estados Unidos lo convirtieron en uno de los hombres más ricos del mundo y en un ícono del sueño americano.

  • Tussie Mussie (Inglés)

    We proudly announce that the next title in our Masterprint Mini series will be Tussie Mussie! This game is designed by Elizabeth Hargrave (author of the widely beloved Wingspan). Tussie Mussie was first issued by Button Shy Games, for which Quined Games acts as a licensing partner, making this neat and clever design available throughout Europe!

  • La Stanza Deluxe (Inglés)

    La Stanza is a fast-paced board game in which players take the role of patrons of the arts sponsoring the most brilliant creators of the time and commissioning the best works of art, all while creating more wealth and increasing their social status and prestige.

  • Agra Metal Coins

    Enrich your copy of Agra with these great-looking metal coins! These finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish. A set includes as many coins as there are cardboard coins in the game itself, i.e. 28x 1 Rupee, 15x 2 Rupees, 10x 5 Rupees, 10x 10 Rupees and 6x 20 Rupees. 

  • Circle the Wagons (Inglés)

    Welcome to the Wild West! Blaze a trail by draftin’ cards ’round the circle and placin’ ’em in yer town, tryin’ to connect matchin’ territories to score prosperity points! But don’t forget about them three bonus cards in the center of the circle that can score ya even more points — that is, if ya play yer cards right. With three out of eighteen ways to score points in every game, you’ll never build the same town twice!

  • Carson City: Horses & Heroes (Inglés)

    Carson City: Horses & Heroes adds some extra possible actions to Carson City. In this expansion, you can visit the rodeo to claim additional victory points and use horses to unlock special actions. There are also three new characters added to the game. On top, this expansion allows you to include a sixth player in the game and an overlay in the box lets you play the base game with 6 players.

  • Counterfeiters: Action Improvements (Inglés)

    Counterfeiters: Action Improvements

    This item contains 10 Action Improvement Cards (5 sets of 2 cards) to be used with Counterfeiters. This was a Stretch Goal in our Kickstarter Campaign, and is now made available separately.

  • Terramara: Promo Pack (Inglés)

    Terramara: Promo Pack

  • Firenze: Joker Bricks (Inglés)

    Firenze: Joker Bricks

    This promo adds three grey Joker bricks to Firenze. At the beginning of the game, place them into the bag with the other bricks. A Joker can be used in place of a brick of another color. You cannot start a Tower with a Joker, but you may use one to extend a Tower of any color. Joker bricks may not be acquired by trading in phase 2, but they can be acquired when you buy a card with a Joker brick on it. The Alchemist card may be used to take a Joker brick from the bag.

  • Raiatea: Additional Rituals (Inglés)

    Raiatea: Additional Rituals

    This promo pack adds 10 new Ritual Cards to Raiatea. These cards are shuffled into their respective draw piles (either Normal or Forbidden).

  • Carson City: Lawyer / Editor (Inglés)

    Carson City: Lawyer / Editor

    This surprise personality card is made especially for the 10th anniversary of Quined Games. On the cards’ art you can see Arno, the founder and owner of Quined Games. During the day he is a lawyer and during the evening he is an editor. Enjoy playing with this character, here are the rules on how to use him.

  • Agra: Promo Card (Inglés)

    Agra: Promo Card

    The Ambabari Elephant is an Agra promo card. The traditional Indian style of dressing these elephants was widely used to decorate the elephants of the Maharaj or the King. It was one of the most stylish and luxurious ways of travelling for the royal families. This Ambabari elephant belongs to the level 3 notables. 

  • STEW (Inglés)


    You and your fellow players take on the role of a farmer collecting items from the garden to make a stew. There are six vermin that want to eat your stew before you do. Draw a card and add it to your stew or feed some of the vermin to protect your pot. Make sure you do not wait too long or your fellow farmers might eat your stew.

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    Chicago 1875: City of the Big Shoulders ‐...

    After the great Chicago Fire of 1871, the brave men and women of Chicago sought to rebuild their once-great city, and rebuild it they did. Over the next 60 years Chicago experienced an economic golden age, making such great progress that it hosted The World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, followed not long after by a celebration of its Century of Progress at The World’s Fair in 1933. Many of the well-known American household brands had their start in Chicago during this time period; Oscar Mayer, Kraft, Quaker Oats, Nabisco, Swift & Co, Armour & Co, Schwinn Bicycles, Charles Schwab, and many others.

  • Counterfeiters (Inglés)


    Players act as Counterfeiters, printing fake bills and exchanging them for the real thing. The Godfather can help them avoid the police, but his protection comes at a cost…

    The game ends when the police complete their investigations into the counterfeiting industry; the winner will be the player with the most ‘real’ (non-counterfeit) money!

  • The Game Changers (Inglés)

    The Game Changers

    Welcome to The Game Changers; cards that can spice up ANY game you play! Yes, that’s right, take any board or card game you like, and use one of our Changers to mix things up! You decide how you’d like to change your favorite table-top games.

  • Firenze (Inglés)

    Firenze (Inglés)

    In the Florence of the 12th-14th centuries, the city’s powerful and influential families don’t just compete with each other in trade and politics. They also try to outdo one another by building tall, mostly squarebased tower homes as status symbols.

  • Raiatea (Inglés)

    Raiatea (Inglés)

    In Raiatea, players act as members of the Arioi, a secret Polynesian religious society. Over the course of the game, the Arioi will build colossal To’o statues in attempt to win the favor of their god, Oro. In the game’s action rounds, players will take turns leading the group to various action locations

  • La Cosa Nostra: Guns for Hire (Inglés)

    La Cosa Nostra: Guns for Hire (Inglés) 

    A brutal power struggle has broken out among the Five Families of La Cosa Nostra. The families, each eyeing the prize of dominance over the others, have shown themselves willing to go to extreme lengths to defeat their enemies. In order to gain an edge over their rivals, they have begun to reinforce their troops with members of other organisations.



    In Carson City – The Card Game, each player is in charge of the development of a city. You and your opponents try to choose the most lucrative parcels of land and buildings. You then have to place these parcels and buildings wisely so as to make your city as prosperous as possible. you can also win the support and gain the help of the most influential people in the city. However, you should not ignore your opponents, as they will try to make the best moves in your stead!

  • Xanadu (Inglés)

    Xanadu (Inglés)

    The year is 1252 and the great Kublai Khan has decided to build his summer palace. He has searched for the best architects, but they will stop at nothing to win fame and prestige. Xanadu is a strategy game of building and sabotage, for casual and experienced players.

  • Halloween (Inglés)

    Halloween (Inglés)

    It’s Halloween; time to haunt poor unfortunate humans who think the holiday is all fun and games, but wait until you unleash ghosts upon this little town. Use your knowledge and wit to summon ghosts, move them around town, scare people, and even fight other ghosts because only one demon lord can boast of being the scariest demon lord of them all

  • Master Print: Haspelknecht - The Ruhr...

    Master Print: Haspelknecht - The Ruhr Valley

    Haspelknecht: The Ruhr Valley is an expansion of Haspelknecht. You need the base game in order to play with this expansion. This expansion adds new challenges to Haspelknecht; 2 new modules and 13 new developments are waiting to be explored.

  • Master Print: American Rails (Inglés)

    American Rails (Inglés)

    In American Rails, each player assumes the role of a wealthy capitalist managing a portfolio of stocks and bonds in six fictional railroad companies. Through ruthless negotiation and rigorous planning, players struggle to increase the value of their holdings and reap the profits.

  • Master Print: Papà Paolo (Inglés)

    Master Print: Papà Paolo (Inglés)

    Papà Paolo brings you to the beautiful city of Naples, birthplace of one of the world's favorite dishes: pizza. In Papà Paolo, 2 to 4 players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. To do this, you must outsmart your rivals by being a clever investor, bidding on the right city tiles, and creating your own little district of Naples.

  • Master Print: Vanuatu (2nd edition) (Inglés)

    Master Print: Vanuatu (2nd edition) (Inglés)

    The archipelago of Vanuatu, located 1750 kilometers east of Australia. An area of white sand beaches, coconut trees, an azure blue Ocean ... and meagre resources. Besides Fish and a few long-forgotten shipwrecks sunk off their coasts, the islands are not very rich and their resources are at risk of depletion

  • Master Print Haspelknecht (Inglés)

    Master Print Haspelknecht (Inglés)

    The game about early mining digging in the Ruhr region in midst 17th century.

    A long time ago, in the Ruhr valley, a boy made a woodfire in a pit to have some warmth overnight. The next day the fire is still burning! There must be something that burns a lot better than the wood he collected!

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    Carson City Big Box (Inglés)

    Carson City: Big Box by Xavier Georges will feature the base game Carson City, originally released in 2009, and the expansion Gold & Guns. Also included is the newest expansion called Horses & Heroes. The game is played in four rounds, and in each one of them, the players choose one of the characters, which give certain advantages.

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